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So many people attacking Liverpool. Sure they've messed up recently but so have City. They're still on top, still ahead even if it is only 3 points but most importantly the race is still completely on, it's nowhere near over yet


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Abramovich singing Brave New World with altered lyrics:

Dying plays concieding goals, Sarri not needed here
Lost my love, lost my team, in this garden of Pep
I have seen many things, in a lifetime alone
Chelsea Club is no more, bring this Russian back home

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Injuries ruined United today, but then again, PSG had lots of them too... except their alternatives are better.


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I mean, if you are losing 0-2 against a team without their 1st and 3rd best players and basically no midfielders, you are a complete joke.

Prime Mourinho United form re-engaged.


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Jesus Christ, how disgusting is Real Madrid. Even with VAR, most of the decisions go their way. Courtois runs into a player after his blunder, goal for Ajax disallowed. Clear foul on De Jong before Madrid's 2nd, no foul given.

Unlucky by Ajax. Great play, but pathetic finishing.

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Real got carried by referees to three straight CL titles, nothing surprises me anymore.

My take away from the game is how unfortunate it is that Ajax can't hold onto their players. Frankie De Jong is already off to PSG. They sold Davinson Sanchez and Justin Kluivert in the previous years, will most certainly offload Matthijs de Ligt, Ronny van de Beek and David Neres in the near future, too. Would be a CL contender for years to come.


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Recently it's going bad with Ajax in the Dutch competition.

E.g. on 27 January: Feyenoord-Ajax: 6-2!!!!
And last Saturday: Heracles-Ajax: 1-0!