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Looks like Higuain is off to Chelsea, while Milan is signing Krzysztof Piątek from Genoa who is the top non-rapist scorer of Serie A at the moment.

Higuain is a sad and weak fat bastard like Bonucci.

Niall Kielt

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Utd for 3rd. Arsenal next, too.
Rashfords goal was class. I'm not his biggest fan, guarantee hes at somebody like West Ham in 3 years but his touch is brilliant, at times.

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Cardiff's record signing, striker Emiliano Sala, was in an airplane that seems to have gone missing over the English channel... Fucking hell.


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That would be the biggest transfer sum for a Dutchman.

Would not have minded if he stayed longer in the Dutch competition.

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Monaco have suspended Thierry Henry as they consider his future after his abysmal first few months as a manager. The guy who has been put in charge in the meantime is the guy who Henry replaced in the first place. This does beg the question: what the fuck were Monaco thinking appointing Henry in the first place?

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They messed up big time by letting Leonardo Jardim go. His success in the previous years should've been enough to keep him around after a bad start.