No Prayer For the Dying

How good is No Prayer For the Dying on a scale of 1-10?

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Dr. Eddies Wingman

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Re: Daily Song: No Prayer For the Dying

One of my favourites from this album, and definitely a really good song. Some melancholic parts, some more frantic (and as Foro points out, messy at times). Given the topic of the lyrics, they fall short of the later effort Sign Of The Cross, but are not bad. I'm undecided on what I think of the guitar solos. Sometimes I really like them, other times they just sound like wankery, but there are better ones - on this very album. (I'm thinking of Fates Warning and Mother Russia).

This is a solid 8.


Probably the best song on the album. I find the verses paticularly strong. I gave Tailgunner a 7 and I think this is better, but it's still not worth an 8 so I must give it 7/10 aswell.


Automaton Sovietico
With Public Enema, a true gem of this record.

I've always wondered about the meaning of the lyrics. I know they're pretty generic, but i feel general desperation and sincereness in this song. The build up is majestic - especially the part when song kicks off into higher gear, where Nicko and Steve literally carry the beat, guitars just adding with strummed powerchords. Solo is insane, the song peaks with "God give me the answer to my prayers..." part, and smoothly comes back down.



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I don't like this song as much as others. I don't see any thing really special about it besides the solo section and final chorus. 7/10


Ancient Mariner
The only song from NPFTD along with Mother Russia & Public Enema that doesn't sound so filler. Still, just a 8.


A strong 8, what stands out to me the most is the guitar work, which is superb, good lyrcs and a fine performance from BD.


8/10, like Revelations I like the lead guitars on this track, and Bruce sounds better here than he does on other parts of the album.
This is probably the album's best song and thank goodness it's the title track that holds that trophy. great guitar work throughout. 9/10


Feels kind of strange to have such a calm song, a semi-ballad almost, as a title track, but I think it works.
The lyrics feels very simple, especially after the complex Seventh Son, but Bruce sings it with such emotion and makes it work.
The solos are more sloppyish played then the perfectly executed solos we've heard earlier albums, but at this point it seems fresh still.
While nothing is really great on this track, I enjoyed it just as I did with Holy Smoke!



Educated Fool
8. Revelations Lite. One of the better songs on the album and one of the ones which I choose to listen to more often outside the album.


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Ancient Mariner
The best track of the album, but that doesn't say much. The first half of the song is pretty good, but the second half with those bizarre solos... less so.


Ancient Mariner
A big step up from Holy Smoke, but far from being great. I like the calm part, but the instrumental part with solos is a tad annoying. 7/10


The resident saudade aficionado
The best of the album. A very strong 9/10. The way the ballad and the fast middle part are connected, Bruce's performance... This is one of the reasons to buy the album. I never get tired listening to this one.