No Prayer For the Dying

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Yes, Yes, Another Beer!
fekso no xx
Is this Magnus forgetting he was logged into his main account instead of his lovey account before posting, and that’s why it has the “xx”?

Is this Magnus asserting that fekso was not biologically female, and that’s why he can’t be lovey?

Is this Magnus lamenting that he never got kisses from fekso?

So much mystery from so few characters...


Educated Fool
The title of this song (which is also
album title) is a modification of the title
of the movie "A Prayer For The Dying" ("A Prayer
For The dying ") (1987).
The plot of the film takes place in the north
Ireland, in the region plagued by violence
conflicts between Catholics and Protestants.
An executor of the IRA, a revolutionary organization
of the Northern Irish Protestants), wanting to
resign, agrees to a final execution in
which is witnessed by a catholic priest. THE
priest, in an act of compassion and altruism, hides
the executor in his church,
risking being charged with foster care
criminal. Thus, the main character is given the opportunity to complete
his spiritual transformation and seek answers to the unanswered
his questions.
Perhaps what connects the plot of the work with the lyrics is the
civil war and the unanswered questions that arise in
a man who regrets many of his actions. Harris changed
the title wanting to make him sound more pessimistic, since, as well
he had jokingly stated, "Eddie would not say a single prayer!".