New Single - The Writing on the Wall

I really enjoyed the video. Whoever put it together has a good understanding of Iron Maiden legend, there's lots of little easter eggs in there.

The song itself is pretty good, I love the western vibe. It sounds better on Spotify - the vocals are much clearer.

I can't trust myself to rank new Iron Maiden music for some months, or even years, but I like this and I'll always be fond of it.
Slightly better production than TBOS, but not too impressed with the song.

Kinda like a combo of TBOS and When The Wild Wind Blows, but without the fast part of the former or the buildup of the latter.
Spotify is indeed better! Still not sold on Bruce's vocals, but overall it's good and the music is great.

Second Impression - Fuck yeah, Steve Harris playing some outside-the-box bass stuff during the post-chorus riff! Kind of reminds me of his little runs during the main riff of Book of Souls.
To reiterate my comments on the album rumors thread, less metal and more classic rock. Would fit great in a Dio-era Rainbow album, right next to 16th Century Greensleeves. That solo by H was immense. Love the production too, very organic.
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As soon as I heard the beginning I thought of a Gers song, really uncharateristic for Adrian. Felt weird about it on the YT premiere, really liked it after replaying on Spotify, it sounds like a grower. The solo section is killer as well. It's so nice to see Maiden create something so out of the box, love the melodies, fits the Babylon theme. Bruce's voice is great, probably best recording of it since AMOLAD, production also sounds pretty good on streaming services.