Metal with female vocals

Black Wizard

Cereal Litigator

New song from German band Beyond the Black. They're basically 80s pop with Metal guitars but it works well. The singer, Jennifer Haben, has a great voice too. And she's pretty too, of course.

Black Wizard

Cereal Litigator
Here you go @Black Wizard

You should've gone to Graspop.

Anneke, Simone and Marcela on stage together. Not bad. I'm not all that fussed by Ayreon though, but I did see Anneke play this song at the Vuur gig back in February. She fucked up the intro on acoustic guitar and had to start again. :lol: I'd like her to get another Vuur album out soon but she's a busy lady I suppose. She's got a live album with an orchestra coming out this month:



Ancient Mariner
New Delain. Strong vocalizing but very different singing style in the verses. A departure for them that took me a couple of minutes to get used to but past the halfway point the drive and constant onslaught of the music matching Charlotte's yelling in intensity won me over.

However I don't think she quite planned ahead for having to reproduce this live every night of a tour. Have to wait and see if the other songs have a more classic Delain sound or if they also are more experimental