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I just don't like her voice. It's so nasal. I do dig the epic vibe of this song, though, and those random vocalizing, no-lyrics sections are strong.

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@Black Wizard @Night Prowler did you two check out Follow the Cipher yet? Haven't heard their full album yet, but I still maintain that their cover of "Carolus Rex" is one of the best covers in metal.
I did listen to a few songs when you suggested them. They're OK but I was not compelled to listen to more.

The new Delain song 'Masters of Destiny' is finally on Spotify in the UK. I gave it a few listens yesterday and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I did when the video first appeared online. I can see why people don't like Charlotte's vocals at times since the opening few lines of 'Masters of Destiny' are quite nasally but the rest of the song is much more pleasant. I hope this song is a harbinger of what's to come on the new EP and album. If it is then Delain have moved on from their poppy sound and become a more credible Metal band.

I've been listening to the new album by Ancient Bards. They're a very cheesey Power Metal band from Italy and probably worthy of a Cheesevivor slot if they haven't already been included. Aside from some of the cheesiest moments it's a pretty cool album.


Ancient Mariner
After an eight year break, Autumn (from the Netherlands) return with their 6th studio album.

song from the new album:

song from the previous album, rehearsal from 6 months ago in 360 degrees!:



Ancient Mariner
O yeah. And this is an old one. Hope you like them. Last year they have added a third guitarist and I really like how they interact (e.g. well heard (and seen) in that rehearsal clip @ around 2:55).


Ancient Mariner
Two new releases (in the US anyway) from today are notable:
Dreadnought: Emergence--has not one, but two(!) female singers. Primarily metal but different sections sounds like everything from psychedelic to jazz at times.

Big|Brave: A Gaze Among Them--this one is all slow building, long simmering songs which everyone here seems to love so much


Ancient Mariner
This sounds so recent that its hard to believe it's actually from 1985. Althouugh it has been remastered so maybe that is why.