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Ancient Mariner
The song is about The Great Fire of London in 1666. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the element of Fire, threatening Londoners to wipe them out, but the song is also about hope. Even in the darkest of times, the sun will rise.
(@Cornfed Hick : this is Anneke's new band, thought you'd be interested)


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Not sure if I'd really call this metal, but here's a new side project by Anette Olzon formally of Nightwish:

I quite like it, though the production is way too keyboard heavy.


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Hmm . . . Not bad, not bad at all. Wasn't especially promising to begin with, but improved as the song progressed; ditto on the overused keys.

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Damn that new Vuur album is good. I expected something similar to The Gentle Storm since it's the same people minus Arjen, but it's different. It has next to no keyboards and is much less folky/happy. I would say it's a combo of The Gentle Storm and Epica/Mayan, just without death metal leanings.

Best song from it IMO:

This one also has quite cool guitars:

And also the two songs posted above are cool :)


Ancient Mariner
Remaining Vuur tour dates:

Dec 01
Bologna, Italy

Dec 02
Pratteln, Switzerland

Dec 03
Lille, France

Dec 07
Le Trabendo
Paris, France

Dec 08
Vosselaar, Belgium

Dec 09
The Dome, Tufnell Park
London, United Kingdom

Dec 10
Tivoli Vredenburg
Utrecht, Netherlands

Jan 27, 2018
Mariaheide, Netherlands

Sep 08, 2018
ProgPower USA
Atlanta, GA


Ancient Mariner
To be honest, no. Despite the talent of these individuals I am not that overwhelmed by the catchiness of the material I did hear. Did check the ones you posted here! I miss some good grabbing melody I guess. The sound is pretty good!


Ancient Mariner
Only one album, but this is some pretty killer speed/power metal from Canadian band Messiah Force with Lynn Renaud on the vocals



I know this doesn't seem to go with the general vibe of the bands of this topic - but I've seen these awesome ladies kill in Brooklyn like a million times at this point.

Heavy sludge with actually good growls:

Also, Chelsea Wolfe keeps putting out some incredible stuff. Some Kyuss vibes here