Manic Street Preachers

Interview with Nicky Wire about his forthcoming solo album (sadly it seems that he will only release it on Bandcamp).

It includes some news about the next album by the Manics:

He reveals they now have 12 songs written for a new Manics album which should see the light of day next August. He doesn’t want to dwell on it yet for obvious reasons but describes it as “really fizzing” and “uptempo” with a working title of Critical Thinking: “I don’t know where we get the energy from; it’s not particularly easy being in the band when we’re all juggling so many things. We’re all diverging. It’s so easy to lose patience with people when you get to your 50s and we do with one another now. But 15 albums in 30 years. We’re powering on. Like with Mark E. Smith it became just about the work in the end. And that’s fine. I’m trying to reach that rather than the energy becoming about everything else.”
It seems the co-headlining tour with Suede will be visiting Asia in November, with one date in Singapore, two in Japan, and the band’s first ever show in Taiwan!

This might be one of the most interesting charity gigs ever: James Dean Bradfield doing an acoustic solo set to raise funds for the Parent Teacher Association of the Welsh state school Ysgol Pencae:

£4153 were raised. :)
Back in 1991, Manic Street Preachers were going to appear on Live on the Word, playing live. While the TV producers were around, they rehearsed Love's Sweet Exile, but when it came to playing live they chose to play Repeat instead, with its opening lines:

Repeat after me
Fuck queen and country