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Black Abyss Babe

I really distinguished myself in the kitchen on Monday ...

I'd got ahead on work time so I decided to take a long lunch break and bake some muffins. Now, as you may know, muffins involve only two types of ingredients - dry and wet. And this recipe involves butter, so I needed to melt it. I decided to do this in the microwave on defrost.

So I finished up and the muffins came out looking really nice - I was really pleased. I cooled them on a rack, put them in the freezer, washed up and cleared everything away - job done (so I thought) ...

Yesterday the Boyfriend was sorting out some mashed spuds and said to me "this is just butter, right?" And what he was holding out for my inspection was the ramekin of butter I'd melted in the microwave intending to put into the muffin mixture :facepalm:

What is truly amazing though, is that this didn't ruin the muffins. They were actually still really nice, moist and munchy. We attribute this to the fact that the yoghurt I was using wasn't fat free, it was about 3.5%. Also there was lots of apple, chopped into little bits, and a handful of sultanas.

I just unwittingly invented a nearly-fat-free edible muffin!

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That being said, I'm not drinking until further notice, except for next Saturday when I'm going to a wedding, I have to drink there. Also, there will surely be other situations where I might drink, but I'm putting a stop to drinking at home as I've grown a sizeable beer belly and am trying to get fit.


Pica Serdica
Speaking of which, yesterday Mrs M and me spent an afternoon in Bratislava, and finding a place that serves Slovak beer* (rather than Czech) there has become a real challenge since our trip to Slovakia seven years ago.
Don't get me wrong, I love Czech beer but I loved Slovak beer too back then, and it just doesn't feel right.

*We managed to find two such places out of dozens.