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I don't get drunk often, but while making dinner or before making dinner, I love to chug a can or two. Sometimes 3, but that's only if I'm making something that takes a lot of time to make. I don't drink after eating, only before.

Anyway I moved all the beer to a cupboard from the fridge to save me from temptation.
So you usually drink 2 beers a day and a third once in a while and get drunk once in a great while? I don't see that as anything close to having a problem.
Lycka till ! Learning a new language is exciting.
Next week I´m in Helsinki! My Finnish vocabulary is very basic but I´m willing to learn. :D
When I closed the high school textbook a few years ago I thought I'd never have to use Swedish again. :D Boy was I wrong. At least these courses are specifically for history students so that's a plus.