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Happy Birthday, Ultra @Magnus!

1 year ago today - Stratego was released!

It was an instant classic for me. I remember at the time I didn't want another single (because we were so close to the release date of the album), but when I read the first review (on August 11th, 2021) and heard this amazing song, I wanted the album right away. :)

Golden times!
Lifted weights for the first time in months today. The next few days might be painful ... got cramp tendencies in both thighs already after the first round of squats despite lifting only 50 kg.
I also had to practice "think of something unsexy" as while I was doing bench press (a quite revealing exercise in certain ways,) a very fit lady was exercising a few metres away ...

Oh, by the way, happy birthday @Magnus :cheers:
I hope you had a great one
Oh yes, thank you, it was great indeed.
And somewhat unusual.
It started in Serbia and ended in Vienna; we (Mrs. M- hero driver! and I) managed to arrive at our hotel in Sombor at the Serbian - Hungarian border at 4am on the 19th because of huge traffic jams on the highway, checked out before noon and speeded merrily through the endless plains of Hungary, arriving in Vienna just in time to go out for dinner. Which was very pleasant, and neither of us fell asleep on the table. In Sombor, before going to bed, I had a quick beer on the hotel room's balcony so in a way one could say I'd started drinking from the early morning on my birthday :lol:
I had a fantastic run. An old friend (and running beast) was kind enough to run with me the whole time.
So despite I hadn’t run for 2 weeks and having spent the previous night sleepless (at a southern beach partying) I run at a solid pace of 5:16.

We hadn’t seen each other for 20 years. We were talking and laughing for the most of the race. His son started with us and we ate his dust soon enough. He looked like a 16 years old version of Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. He run at 4:10.

And that was not all. A friend came to see me after the race, with 2 fantastic bottles of wine.

Since the last time I saw her, she became sommelier level 3, there are less than 10 people like this in the whole Crete. We bought some local food and tasted the wines, both white and from the same local grapes.

One of them is the product of a monastery in the far east of the island, she was telling me her experience of meeting the monks and wine tasting there, I’m now turned on to go and visit that monastery.