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I set up a notification to alert me every time Fabrizio Romano tweets. He's an Italian journalist who tweets out football transfer news, and is just about the most accurate journalist when it comes to that. He doesn't tweet that much and I wanted to be in the loop.

Anyway, I set up a custom ringtone for that one: Ozzy belting out ALL ABOARD AHAHAHAHA from Crazy Train (found an isolated vocal track). So last night I fell asleep early and didn't turn off sound. At 4:30 AM this guy tweets and I almost jump out of bed when ALL ABOARD HAHAHAHAHAHA rang at highest possible volume in the middle of the night.
Yesterday I was at the supermarket, and I had to take out my phone at the cash register so that the cashier can scan my loyalty card app. Right as she was about to scan it, Fabrizio tweeted and ALL ABOARD HAHAHAHAHA was heard all around the supermarket. Awkward.


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Bought a new pair of shoes ... Thought they were cool looking (and they are really comfy) ... in words I never thought I would say, I had up update the software in them via a mobile app.


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I had to confess to my Cub instructor that I'd been out flying a nosewheel aircraft today. (He obviously heard me on the radio - I came back to land just after he took off with the chief instructor for a standardization flight).

His reply?

"Your sins are forgiven. Go, and sin no more".