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Ancient Mariner
Finished watching the Gamma Ray 30th Annviersary paid stream. The sound was in fucking mono. The only stereo was some weird modulated sine waves.

I've emailed my complaints to the stream provider.


Ancient Mariner
Oh my you're the female versions of Leonard and Sheldon. :lol:
btw: that's a compliment. ;)

I don't take the GMAC that seriously to make notes but when I was "in charge" for the Guess The Iron Maiden song, I searched the net for clues and pics and find the right order to make the clues. I even dreamt about it.


Educated Fool
I also found this drawing by a 2-year-old on another notebook next to my Metal Album Cup notes. I'd like to think it's her view of the Black/Death Metal songs in the Cup.