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I talked to my grandma over the phone for 20 minutes too.

I also sorted all the bedsheets, but not by size, as they are too big to compare.


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Okay then, things aren't so bad after all. :p

And I'm the last one who should critisize what other people do in their spare time. I'm currently working on organizing four empty scrapbooks and a bunch of cardboard into eight full scrapbooks. :D


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Are they going to bring you food on a tray that they will leave on the floor in front of the door, then knock and run away?


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I'm planning to start learning a new language over the holidays and I can't decide between German and Japanese. Could you all help decide?


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I've never studied Japanese, but I've been studying German on and off (mostly off) for 20 years and I still can't say much more than 20 simple phrases. I hope you can do better.