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"Set yourself on fire as we remember this forever"
I'd like to think we're not in favour of vigilante justice and prefer to let the law do its thing.
That's a very good thought BW. It's just hard not to think nasty thoughts at times, but I should keep them to myself and try to get off of them when I do think of them.

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I know it would be assault, but when it comes to some of the biggest piece of fucking shit scumbag monsters on the earth, I can't help but have thoughts like that.
You've ignored the second part of LC's comment which you quoted. We don't know yet that the guy is guilty.

I read an account once of a man whose credit card details got stolen and the fraudsters used them to buy a subscription to a child porn website. The Police came round and arrested him. He lost his job and everyone except his wife turned against him. He had to do the detective work himself to prove his innocence, which he eventually did.

You could give this guy the benefit of the doubt you know, in the meantime ;)


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This was more of a slight bump, apparently. It was refuse collection day, though, so most people probably thought it was bins being dumped into a truck.
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