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I grew up with Jon Bon Jovi, because my sister used to have him on every wall of her room for years (preferably with long hair). I like him, have defended his band several times over the years, he’s a good guy and used to be a very good singer too. But his voice was terrible recently. Not just a bit out of shape, but really, really terrible. And Richie’s playing seems to be equally bad nowadays.


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I grew up with Jon Bon Jovi, because my sister used to have him on every wall of her room for years (preferably with long hair).
Funny how people react differently. The above sentence is true for my sister as well; as a result - I can't take Bon Jovi seriously and mostly dislike their music.

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I'd never say I was a fan of Bon Jovi (and certainly not a fangirl) but one thing I've noticed over the years is that in various events I've attended, when they've been playing music over the PA before the event starts, when a Bon Jovi song comes on the crowd suddenly comes to life. Anything that makes people smile can't be bad, I think :)


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Bon Jovi for me is ok. It's that sort of mid 80s American "hard rock" that was glam-ized all the way but unlike other hair bands I don't consider Bon Jovi annoying or cringe. But I never saw anything interesting in that band that would make me want to listen to their albums, therefore I don't know anything apart from their big anthem hits.

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From my understanding this is the "American Dream" in a nutshell
The American Dream is that if you are hardworking/creative/assertive enough you can move up the socioeconomic ladder no matter what your background is. It's essentially the ethos of liberalism.

It sounds like a "D'uh" statement in the world of today, at least in the West, because liberal values have been embraced across the West at varying levels, but back when it was formulated it was the product of a very recent revolution against established social classes, thus the notion of it being a "Dream".

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I was on course for an awkward trip to the airport on Saturday morning for a flight to San Francisco, but I just realised the flight is on Sunday morning instead. Good thing I realized now!

When I asked for the flights I specified Saturday 8th December which is actually Sunday, so it's my own fault. :facepalm: