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"Set yourself on fire as we remember this forever"
Anyway, I never heard anything by Tool except for one instance about 7 years ago when I put on Undertow and stopped it halfway. Thought that the new album is as good an opportunity as any, so I decided to give it a try. So I'm not a Tool virgin anymore.

And - I'm sorry, but does anyone else feel they sound as if Dream Theater decided to put both Mastodon (the type of riffs, the processed vocals, the stonedness) and Neurosis (the song structures, the general atmosphere) in their inspiration corner?
I read the description "stoner prog" somewhere and gee, so far it really fits.

I mean, I like it a lot, but FFS I think I finally found the most overrated band in the history ever.
They're still one of the best things that happened to shitty American FM rock radio.


Automaton Sovietico
Cops catch guy with a weed grinder containing 0,23g of resin/leftover on the motorway rest stop. They turn him in to the precinct, then to the judge. Judge first says misdemeanor and 400e fine. The guy says what the fuck. The judge says ok, just pay 20e for court expenses and gtfo.

Tell me why shouldn't someone be able to sue cops now for wasting everyone's time and money.

Btw. the area where the guy "got caught" is the central, most narrow part of Croatia where refugees, smugglers and everyone else likes to operate. So these idiots turn in a local that has no prior record even in misdemeanors cause of some greasy grinder. I would fire them on spot.

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There's something really strange going on on my television.

Since I don't like country music, I'd better switch it off before I have a heart attack and die.


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It's done. Two weeks of summer school and one week of conference. Three crazy weeks of long days of learning obscure stuff and meeting important people, shaking hands and talking more often than I could think of about who I am and what I do. And Atlantean Kodex in the middle of it all.


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Spent 30 minutes at the pool at the Luxor.

Result: Entire upper body (except my face?) is sunburnt.


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Oh, since you talk about unis...

Did I mention I changed my job in the meantime? Remember the uni I study theology at? Well, I've been their lawyer for the last two weeks. :cool:
It's an amazing job - much less stressful, more free time, I don't have to commute, bigger salary, very friendly colleagues... Finally I don't spend Sunday evenings wallowing in misery. :D

EDIT: Oh, also if you were worrying about a possible conflict of interest, it's cool, there's none. If any arose, that case would be managed by my lawyer colleague. :D
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