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Bloodstock was good fun, but pretty damn muddy too. Scorpions are quite pedestrian these days. Klaus Meine is struggling a lot and it feels like he's running on empty.


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And what about Cooper?
Great, I'll post a fairly in depth review tomorrow in the concert thread because i had a phenomenal time. The the Cooper show was crazy good for the first half. The opening trio of Feed My Frankenstein/No More Mr. Nice Guy/Bed of Nails really got me moving and singing. It was crazy good. Cooper sounded good and moved a good bit. The first half of the Cooper show was much better than the second half. After Roses On White Lace I got kinda bored. They almost played Black Widow but it was a jam thing with no vocals! Very disappointed. You could tell they did that just to give Cooper a rest. It was boring despite of Nina being a good guitarist. I'll post more tomorrow but i had fun!