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More news about Adrian’s IG account.

According to his wife, IG removed his account because they thought it was a bot. He did not delete it because people kept asking him to play ATG.

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I kinda lied tbh, Dresden the final destination with regards to airports, but Freiberg is actually where I’m staying.


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Oh, please do. Dresden is full of Nazis these days, I think if somebody couldn't resist the urge to send a thousand bombers there, a lot of people would be understanding.
You don't even need a thousand these days.


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@Dr. Eddies Wingman - best (very) belated birthday wishes! :cheers: -_- :cheers:

Also, one of my very geeky pet peeves is the use of the word "apocalypse" for a cataclysmic or world-ending event. Guys, "apocalypse" is the Greek word for "revelation". In Biblical terms, the apocalypse has already happened, because it was the revelation to John that he then passed on. I know I won't stop the wrong usage of this term, but I just had to get it out for once.