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Dr. Eddies Wingman

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Wonder if NASA planned to land on the moon on this exact day to honor the guy who cut the Gordian knot?

Cheers to the Eagle :cheers:
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Black Abyss Babe

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Having seen the state of the moon after the previous moon landings, I predict that the next person on the moon will be (or should be):

Rob the Rubbish :notworthy:

He will be taken up in a specially constructed, environmentally-friendly spacecraft made out of recycled egg boxes and milk bottle tops.

Nicko McBrain will be the pilot (we all know he's handy with a space shuttle ...)


Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
My new place is rather chaotic right now. Boxes everywhere, with clothes, kitchen utensils, CDs, books and so on. Moving serves as a great everyday life example of the thermodynamic principle that to reduce the entropy of a system, energy must be used. It is not a spontaneous process.

And before someone barges in and reminds me that I need to look at the total Gibbs free energy of the system and its surroundings, let me make it clear that I have assumed the surroundings are not affected. At least not in a way that fits into the thermodynamics allegory.



Travis The Dragon

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Today is the 2375th birthday of Alexander the Great.

And it should be the day when people finally let go of the idea that Iron Maiden would play the eponymous song live, and we all know that it isn't.
OMG! I just thought of Cloud from Final Fantasy! Empire Of The Clouds confirmed!