Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

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No need. I can multi-task quite easily.
Plus it's not like the concert is being streamed live.
I'm sure they will be some live streams on Instagram and Youtube. Adrians wife just got on Instagram and has been putting bunch of material there!
the issue with Somewhere in Time is if you don't use the original equipment, it sounds like shit.... every cover band out there has failed somewhere in time songs because they aren't using the GK250s with the settings. The songs sound awful on other amps and such. The band probably knows this too.

It's not only 250 you need an appropriate tube preamp and compressor, and a natural reverb of the rooms SiT guitar was recorded in. All of this today can be somewhat simulated, mind you if you used an aggressive preamp before GK, used GK's built in chorus and then feed it to DAW for digital compression and reverb simulation you'd be 95% there. However it cannot be used for live because heavy digital reverb would be a pain in the ass to align with the venue acoustics.
I've been following updates on the opening nights since 2008. Maiden England and SBIT tours had quite obvious setlists. TFF and BOF were quite Heavy on new material. The first leg of TTF tour (playing material from post reunion period) was the one that had me most excited!
I'm sure they will be some live streams on Instagram and Youtube. Adrians wife just got on Instagram and has been putting bunch of material there!

Thanks...I will wait for the real thing and the live DVD release we will hopefully get from this tour.
To whoever attends the show tonight... If they play Alexander please record it!!! Just in case it's dropped for Wrathchild at the next show!
I think there were 6 or 7 levels in the game. I still have it somewhere in my collection. It was a railed-shoot em up type vibe.
Yes, there were 7. IIRC, they were:
  1. London's East End (Killers)
  2. The Shady Pines Asylum (Piece of Mind)
  3. The Pits of Hell (The Number of the Beast)
  4. The Graveyard (Live After Death)
  5. The Pharaoh's Tomb (Powerslave)
  6. Blade Runner (Somewhere In Time)
  7. Futureal
I used to play it when I was little (the game was released the year I was born, I still have it here with me). I only ever got to level 3, and that was only once (I died 5 minutes in). I hardly ever got past level 1, it was very hard because there was no checkpoint between each level. If you lost, you had to start over, and that made finishing the game nearly impossible.
*Youtube release ;) Not sure they will return to the DVD format anytime soon.

Of course. I was slightly perturbed that they didn't release a DVD along with TBOS Live Chapter. I understand there was a youtube release but it's not the same as having the physical release.
It's the same situation as with their singles which are now very infrequent and usually not in widespread physical circulation.
Just got to the bottom of this thread, and there is absolutely nothing in it.

219 pages that will be entirely irrelevant and forgotten about in six hours' time. Like all the doomsday predictions in 2012 or the people who were dead certain that Obama would trigger the rapture by instating the fourth reich.
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