Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

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Is there a LOTB spoiler friendly thread anywhere? Am I blind? This thread will be unreadable if you have to hide everything in spoiler tags.
This thread should end up being recorded on a metal disk and shot into the vastness of space.
As much as it sucks for you guys in the US that you have to wait until 2019 for Maiden, as someone in the UK I gotta say I'm pretty jealous that you've had the Ghost tour this month! It looks absolutely awesome.

Hopefully they make their way across the pond soon so you can see them. It was an amazing show. New album in another week, I'm officially a Ghost fan. It's so hard for me to get into a lot of today's music, so Ghost has been a breath of fresh air this past year.
Also getting a report that Nicko's drum tech has said "you’ve never seen anything like this" and that they're playing a song in the set that he's been asking Steve to include for the past 14 years.

I hope that is Stranger in a Strange Land.
Expectation Reality

Caught Somewhere in Time Wasted Years
Alexander the Great Heaven Can Wait
Infinite Dreams The Evil That Men Do
Be Quick or Be Dead Fear of the Dark
Still Life The Trooper
22 Acacia Avenue The Number of the Beast
Ghost of the Navigator Brave New World
Phantom of the Opera Iron Maiden
Purgatory Wrathchild
Rime of the Ancient Mariner 2 Minutes to Midnight
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