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I have an oddly specific question for all Scandinavian speakers. @Dr. Eddies Wingman @SixesAlltheway and anyone else, including @LooseCannon 's girlfriend.

In many European languages, we use similar words for slippers: Pantoffel (German), pantoufle (French), pantofla (Greek), pantofi (Bulgarian), pantofola (Italian), etc. However, it seems that all Nordic languages have dropped the first syllable - toffel (Swedish), tøffel (Danish and Norwegian), tohveli (Finnish). So my question is WHY? It can't be simply because it's shorter, that would be extremely disappointing. WHY?
It's tuhvel (plural: tuhvlid) in Estonian but sounds kind of archaic. Suss/sussid is more used.


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Thought you may be interested in this comparison (also @Perun of course)

In this video I compare two closely related languages: German and Dutch, including vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

This video is all about the Dutch language (or Nederlands) as it's known in Dutch. Learn all about the history and features of Dutch.

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