How good is Killers on a scale of 1-10?

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A classic. I've seen it live at a Paul Dianno gig, and the whole audience went totally crazy. Love it! 10/10
The best song on the album. Paul sings great and it contains a fantastic Dave solo. It's a shame they haven't played it more live. Dropping it in 2005 and 2012/13 was a stupid decision.
The best song on the album definitely. Brilliant intro, great hook, superb vocals from Paul and distinctive galloping bass.

Love this song. The screams at the beginning, the guitar harmonics, the feel, the harmonies, the bass and Paul really delivers on this one.

Amazing song.
A beast of an intro leading into an energetic classic, with the solos setup by an excellent bridge section.
Highlight: Di'Anno knows how to scream.
Lowlight: Not a big fan of pausing after each line in the verse here.
Good song, love the screams from both Paul and Bruce. I still wouldn’t class it on the same level as Wrathchild and Murders In The Rue Morgue, and probably Purgatory too. 8/10 for me
Fabulous track, even outside of the album's context. It creates an insanely creepy atmosphere, feels like you're actuallly fleeing from a serial killer! Another one of Maiden's early masterpieces. 9.
A great creepy groove sets off the title track. I'm not convinced by Paul's repeated "ows" and "yeahs" here -- the "yeahs" unfortunately veer into cat strangling territory at times.

The main riff kicks off with some nice descending guitar accents. Paul sticks with his punk half-spoken style through most of the verse, but it mostly works. The bass line and guitar build-up at the end of each chorus ooze the classic Maiden vibe, which is great.

The musical break in the middle begins with a guitar harmony that sounds a bit sickly, but this gives way to a more interesting rhythm guitar bit before all too quickly switching to a so-so harmonized vocal bridge. This breaks into a strong solo section before returning to a couple more rounds of verse and chorus and a quick outro.

The intro, verse, chorus, and solos are strong, but the other parts not as much. 7/10.
For some reason this song fell for me a little while ago. It's back up. The build-up is awesome, the riff is one of Maiden's best, the whole thing is perfectly done. You can actually get into the mindset of the murderous narrator and connect with his soul as he goes about his... business. It's insane. The tweaks in word usage throughout are masterfully done, too. Awesome song. My hand is still raw from the fingernails of the other tap on it. 10/10.
A haunting song about the mind and actions of a psychopath, "Killers" has one of the band's coolest riffs, a schizophrenic one that perfectly helps the song sell its point home. Paul isn't at his best here, but that can't hold it back enough as a whole. 8
This is a really cool song. The intro is really awesome and Di'anno sounds great. The guitarwork is also really good. This was definitely a big influence for thrash metal. 8/10
Great screaming intro starts this awesome song (love those screams xd) Great bass, drums, riff and solos (especially Dave's). Awesome verses. Di'Anno sounds very good. Early classic for the band. One of the best songs on the album. 10/10.