Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

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Wasn’t that loosely what Be Quick or Be Dead was about? Or am I miss remembering again :)

Yes, obviously it stroke a chord with them. Also, 30 years later it's a weirdly specific and obscure reference, IMHO.

Besides that, what irks me the most is that Belshazzar's Feast and "Writing on the Wall" and so on are connected with the actual Belshazzar's feast, which yes, happened to a Babylonian king...

But the structure in the artwork, the tower, it seems to be the most a reinterpretation of the tower of Babel.


Those two are not the same story. You could also argue about whether "Babel" actually means "Babylon" (though for example, in Czech translations, it usually does)'s_feast

If the connection is intended, it feels kinda sloppy and shallow and taking from small reference pools, IMHO. Like, "cool story from Babylon, bro. Let's throw in the Babylonian tower, too."


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Oh, I waited so long for this. A 7:30 minute song that would probably have a 2 minute acoustic intro (at least 2 minutes long for no reason at all) and full of chorus repetition!!


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If Eternity Should Fail is 8:28 min long. So if Belshazzar's Feast is penned by Bruce and album is semi concept, single may be 7:25 min long. Intro to an album. Maybe it's Bruce's song which Steve liked when they recorded Book of Souls.


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