Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

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Well, the band has written those and people complained, you know?
I would argue that post-Wicker Man they've not exactly been the strongest songs on the album so I'm not surprised the crowd asking for shorter tunes isn't entirely satisfied. The things is, you can write only so many instantly recognizable, memorable, anthemic rockers in your career. The songs that people pine for are essentially new all-time classics but that's just not how music or any creative pursuit works. You can't keep writing hits forever.

I don't really have a dog in this race but for what it's worth I thought it was pretty refreshing to see and hear Adrian's songwriting focus be on shorter songs on TBOS, for example. The short songs on that album don't feel like afterthoughts and they even avoided their own cliche of always opening with a rocker. I've got nothing against Different World or Wildest Dreams, but I always felt like they were fruitless attempts at recapturing that Wicker Man energy.


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It'd be at least 50% better if you cut everything Bruce sings except the "woah woah woah's" or removed Janick's guitar from all of the verses.
I'd cut the woahs too. Comes across as a very forced attempt to get a crowd singing along. I still find the whole song a clumsy effort to create the most Maiden song ever, borrowing all the things that 'worked' from a diverse collection of other Maiden material, and somehow creating something indistinct and disjointed.


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My message on the official forum saying it was "Wankers of the Web", referring to their loyal fans who were expecting the announcement of a new studio album, got deleted by the moderators...
Looking forward to the fake album cover!


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When you look through the -Window(s) of the World(s)- possibilities are endless...

View attachment 14297

Is that the same bit of WOTW graffiti as on the original version that appeared, or is it different?

i.e. is it something copied and pasted or have they deliberately added it in again?

EDIT: looking at the Wrath of the Waters joke thread, it does seem this new tour poster has just copied and pasted that WOTW graphic.
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