Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


Ancient Mariner
I don't think there is any reason to doubt a new album is coming. The only question is when. Bruce's comments about "sooner than we expect" are interesting, but probably not something we should take too seriously. The album was 99% likely finished in late May, so we should actually expect it this year looking at previous albums timelines from recording to release, but given it was recorded while they were busy with LOTB things are different. He might give a bigger hint, or maybe even a confirmation before the tour is over. In any case we should know at least what they are touring next year before the year is done, European tours are normally announced in November-ish.
Busy in what sense? They were on a break before the start of the 2019 leg of the tour!


Educated Fool
Before here, I have just visited the Man of Sorrows thread. Some of the new songs have amazing bits and pieces. The rest of the songs are, however, arguably 'unfinished' compared to the classics.

If they need time for the next album, I would be very happy to wait while they are fine-tuning the songs. I know we all feel the pressure of the time, but the band is fully fit, as we watch the tour on a daily basis. So, I don't care if the new album is released in December or March, or the following November.

What I hope is just that the great ideas they have will not be masked by some mediocre fillers.
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I don't think it's about time or rushing the album out. 'Arry seems to think that when your ears bleed it's the best production. So they tend to kinda do it that way. 'Arry seems to think the best Maiden is live Maiden, so they try to do the albums in as few takes as possible, you know, to keep the "live" feel, warts and all. I don't see him changing opinion in the foreseeable future, therefore I don't expect him to change this approach too.

I therefore don't expect much fine-tuning (I might be wrong about that, but I don't think so).

Honestly, Maiden never were the "taking risks" guys and they never did stuff that differently. In their huge career, methinks the biggest risk actually might have been SIT (cause the synths) and The X Factor (cause the personal issues, the darkness and Blaze). TBOS was a success, so I think the next album's gonna be pretty similar in that regard. 'Cause even Empire of the Clouds had pretty much nothing else than the piano and the length and you coud make a fine trajectory between that and... well, maybe Mother Russia, even.
I know this sounds harsh and many people might want to disagree with me, but let's be fair - can you imagine Maiden doing something as ambitious and risky as Nostradamus? (and I don't even like Priest all that much). No, because they never did anything like that. And that's fine. I mean, it's cool to have a certain amount of certainty in your metal-listening life. Maiden has hardly disappointed me in the past and I believe they won't next time.

So, I don't expect anything different from them than the usual stuff.

That said, as usual, once they actually do get the album out, whatever complaints I might have, whichever way I might think they use their loyal fanbase to accept less than might be accepted, it's all


for me.

Like, next album, please.

Considering the fact I liked even When the River Runs Deep (which is quite hated around here, methinks) so much, I'm okay with whatever comes, I'll probably love the album anyway.
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That would surprise me given how big this years US tour is.
It will most likely be like the book of souls tour just a brief US run less than 10 shows . saying sooner than you think and he cant say no more for LA would make sense they are here every second year, and they have done back to back years a few times now. Especially if they do Australia / NZ it does make sense to fly back up to America for another shorter run then back to europe


"Sooner than you might think" could mean anything from six months to three years.
Would have to be pretty soon when they have a california show every other year these days even back to back years a lot. So more than a years gap would be a very long time for that state haha


Educated Fool
Yeah not the best but deffo not one of the worst (TOAC, TMOS and SOTV are in a 3 way tie for the worst songs on TBOS imo)


Ancient Mariner
They are both ok-ish songs for me, but still probably in bottom 5 since the reunion. That kinda speaks of the quality of Maiden's songwriting since '99.

Hence, why I used DOD as an example of an inconsistent album. It has 2 of the top 5 reunion songs, while also having 2 of the bottom 5.