Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

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In those albums the sound of bass and drums are too loud and sometimes looks there is only one guitar in the mix.
Over the years I have had this issue with many Maiden albums. Its mainly drums and vocals with a bass undercurrent. Guitars have never sounded as distinct as they should, mainly in terms of rhythm. However, I have recently discovered headphones (late to the party, I know) and the 2015 Remasters. I recently listened to 7th Son, BWN and AMOLAD. Maiden have never sounded so good. Things that used to be lost in a wash of guitar are now more audible, like strumming patterns and delicate fills. Its a revelation. It's a testament to Maiden that I like them despite never having listened to them properly, until now.
I get that they might be intentionally layering things and adding subtle parts to add to the overall feel but I still think that I would have benefited from quality audio equipment.


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I tend to listen to music using headphones as that helps me appreciate the subtleties and enjoy music more.

Iron Maiden are a very difficult band to produce (and mix live) as a result of how the play and, more specifically, how Steve plays. You have 3 guitars, a bass guitar (and a singer and background keyboards/synths) competing for the same frequencies. In most metal bands the bass would occupy the lower frequencies without interfering with guitars and singer.


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with those albums I mean the albums produced by Kevin Shirley. Bass and drums beat everything else. I always said that the drums sound since Fear of the Dark are terrible and the sound is darker and confused and maybe is by the Steve hands in the production and his guidelines. It's my opinion.
They clearly imagine the drum as a heavy sound which, as an idea, I understand and appreciate, although it naturally narrows down the soundstage. This is probably a relatively new idea, which I don't see in PoM, Powerslave or FotD albums. For this reason, I can see that, for example, the FoI of the (possible) LOTB album will have a much heavier drum sound, compared to the studio version. Just like what we heard during the concerts.

Having appreciated the drum sound of some of the new works (excluding DoD and Final Frontier), I think the new sound is unfortunately a total disaster in terms of the overall tonal accuracy, dynamic range and the instrument separation (especially the placement of Bruce's sound). I hope they do something especially with the sound of Bruce this time. His voice is in fact crispier and more colorful and lively, compared to the compressed and subordinated representation of him in the last couple of albums.
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