Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

Can't agree in the slightest about Weekend Warrior vs AMOLAD, but I don't mind FOTD at all. Very fitting of its time
Hooks in You
The Fugitive
Chains of Misery

There's a few others but those are the main ones that spring to mind.
I have never liked "Different World" or "Age of innoncence". I liked "Lightning Strikes Twice" at the beginning but I grew to dislike it, same with "The Prophecy" (the latter because of the absence of interesting vocal lines, which really spoils a good music).
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I have never liked "Different World" or "Age of innoncence". I liked "Lightning Strikes Twice" at the beginning but I grew to dislike it, same with "The Prophecy".

When Different World was first released I wasn't overly keen on it.
However now I really like it. The Smith guitar solo is out of this world.
I like Different World. My favourite song of that ilk (i.e. the rocking shorter post-reunion singles).

I see people saying they don't like the Prophecy. I can't get on board with that that all; I just finished listening to it actually. It's a towering pillar of Dave Murray brilliance. Loads of great guitar melodies and harmony sections, that lovely acoustic bit at the end, vocally excellent, nice time changes. It's simply magnificent.
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg. I hate the slow intro, Bruce's ghoulish singing, the way the slow intro just stops and is followed by the string pull-off and the simplistic main riff, the stupid supposedly "mysterious" lyrics, the uninventful vocal melody which has no connection to the instrumentation, the plodding tempo, and the whole ill-concieved and poorly executed viral campaign around the song. I just hate every single notion that can be connected to this song.

Edit: Okay, not every single notion - the artwork is pretty cool.
Worst: The Angel and the Gambler, Weekend Warrior, The Apparition, Hooks in You, Chains of Misery

Second Tier: Holy Smoke, Fear is the Key, From Here to Eternity, Don't Look To The Eyes of a Stranger

FOTD really is easily their most uneven album. Half is utterly brilliant and the the other half is crap. It's sad really, could have been amazing.
Fear of the Dark would be one of the best albums in Maiden discography if there'd be just 8 songs on it:

1. Be Quick Or Be Dead
2. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
3. Fear is the Key
4. Childhood''s End
5. Wasting Love
6. The Fugitive ( yes, I like tdis song )
7. Judas Be my Guide
8. Fear of the Dark ( Maybe I'd put From Here to Eternity on the album instead FOTD, but in that case album's title'd be different )
I'm seeing a lot of Fear Is the Key on here...

I honestly think that song would be awesome if they had completely omitted that terrible bridge section.
Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single song that I truly dislike. I skip a few here and there. I just can't get into Blaze Bayley's singing, so those two records are difficult for me to listen to, even though I truly love some of the songs on them. It won't happen, but I think it would be cool if they took the two Blaze records, and just tracked Bruce on every song with the existing instrumentation, I think we'd have some new favorites if that happened.

OTOH, I would never want to hear Bruce on the first two records, I think Paul is fantastic on them.
The Apparition, The Assassin, Weekend Warrior (which is just a miserable little piece of bunk), Chains of Misery (appropriately named)...
From top of my head:

2 minutes 2 midnight
Hallowed by thy name