Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

Caveman Ninja

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Now I love pretty much all Maiden but after seeing some people's opinions on here about songs that they hate that I really think are great it got me thinking about which songs I actually really flat out don't like. This is what I've got:

Charlotte The Harlot
Quest For Fire
Fear Is The Key
Wasting Love
Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger
El Dorado
The Alchemist

There are also a few others I'm not mad about due to them being overplayed or just not really all that great but I don't dislike enough to put on this list, such as Iron Maiden, Wrathchild, The Assassin, The Apparition, Weekend Warrior, The Apparition, Blood on the World's Hands, Age of Innocence, Journeyman, The Final Frontier and Mother of Mercy.

That's really not bad for a career spanning 15 studio albums!

Sorry if this seems negative. I just wondered which songs other people think are genuinely bad.
There aren't many for me. Weekend Warrior, Chains of Misery, the Fugitive, and Don't Look To the Eyes of a Stranger would probably be it. Those are the only ones I'd say that I actively dislike. Other songs are weak but generally inoffensive.
I think Quest for Fire is the worst Maiden song ever put on an album. Looking back, the cheese factor is strong with that one.

Runners up: The Apparition and The Angel and don't you think I'm your savior x134.
Not really, I'd rather say I'm less pleased with some of them. Actually the songs I usually get the most pissed off about aren't necessarily the worst, but tend to be songs that I find average, that could have been very good with some adjustments.
the Fugitive,

For me though, Twilight Zone, Gangland, Quest For Fire, The Apparition, Weekend Warrior, Look For the Truth, 2AM, Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger, and Como Estais Amigos.
Here to Eternity, Weekend Warrior, Fear is the Key, Chains of Misery are the main ones. It may sound silly but I don't even have them on my ipod. With 15 going on 16 albums there is no sense listening to songs I don't like. The Angel and the Gambler original version would be on this list but I don't mind listening to a fan made edit that is floating around on Youtube. The song has some decent ideas in it, but everyone knows its infamous problem ;)
There are some songs that I don't generally enjoy, Invaders, Long Distance Runner, Gangland, Hooks in You, Twilight Zone, Drifter, Another Life, etc ...

But songs that I generally would be happy to have never heard?

The Angel and the Gambler
The Apparition
Weekend Warrior
I don't dislike any Maiden songs, at all.

However, I'd say the song with the least strength is definitely The Apparition.
I would have to listen to the first two albums again, but I flat out dislike:
Charlotte the Harlot, The Assassin, Wildest Dreams, unfortunately also Iron Maiden (they definitely could have picked a better song as the-eponymous-play-it-every-time...),
The Number of the Beast, The Number of the Beast, THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST :D

I love Tame (the lyrics are easy to ignore) and I also rather like the Apparition (not amazing, but the overall hate is unfair) :innocent:
1. Running Free
2. Sanctuary
3. Iron Maiden
4. Quest for Fire
5. The Trooper
6. Bring Your Doughter...
7. Holy Smoke
8. From Here to Eternity
9. Weekend Warrior
10. Chains od Misery
11. El Dorado