Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

I've long held a theory that Fear of The Dark is the most boring album maiden have ever done- not the worst (vxi) but certainly the dullest. Which brings me to "The Apparition". God knows I love this band, but I can't imagine ever hearing the phrase "Extra sensory perception. Life after death. Telepathy" without cringing. Quest for Fire, Alexander and AOI all have similarly shit lyrics but at least theres a decent tune behind them. This dull, plodding number is steve at his laziest and when you hear the exciting stuff bruce+adrian were knocking out a few years later u can tell they were right to leave.
Gotta agree with that, I got very bored with AMOLAD, the fatiguing sound didn't help either. The longest day is the best song on the album and a very good one but the chorus feels off to me.

Edit:Btw, I really like the apparition, small song and the way it starts with Now I'm here can you see me is very nice
How about albums? I can't listen to No Prayer for the Dying or Fear of the Dark at all. I absolutely loathe those two albums.
I’m able to listen to any of them, but I usually avoid the debut, Fear Of The Dark, The X Factor, and Virtual XI as full albums, and just cherry pick the better stuff from them.