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If this is true something must be on the way... 100 MLN USD question is where we can find reliable sources.
I'm in contact with someone who has a friend who lives in Saint-Tropez (where Bruce is with Leana these days). So, he will give me these informations in real time. ;)

TheMercenary going through her contacts to find the ones closest to where the Maiden boys are currently, 2024, colorized

Guys, aren't they in the same place just because it's Nicko's 35th wedding anniversary?

Take a look at Nicko's wife instagram: @peppersweetpea

Even if it was one of the reasons that could explain the meeting, it's not something so extraordinary for the guys to meet in one place. I want to believe that the truth is out there. After all, the band has a 50th anniversary to celebrate next year and what a better thing to do to celebrate 50th anniversary than releasing a new album for the fans worldwide. ;)

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