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Which game do you want to succeed the Referendum?

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Dityn DJ James

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@Dityn DJ James, would you be interested? @Edington and @Mosh, would you play along if we did all 6 albums? @Saapanael, I saw you talking about "… Ready for It?" somewhere around here once; does this interest you somehow?

I sort of have the game mapped out in my head, and if it would play out as planned, it shouldn't go on for too long. There aren't even that many songs to play with (there are 82 album songs plus 17 bonus tracks), and if the game does materialize, I'd like to have it done before she drops her seventh album, which is expected to happen later this year.
Im down.


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Why, exactly?
It's best to have games or a range of games open to as many people as possible. Too many limited interest survivors can kill off interest in the whole survivors area. It would be the same with two prog or two symphonic metal ones running at the same time.