Твои карие глаза, твои сладкие уста
I was at a rock concert :shred: and saw this SUPER beautiful redhead. <3
I didn’t even remember posting this but I saw the very same redhead again today. And I would’ve wanted to talk to her but whateverZ.


Educated Fool
I visited a brewery yesterday and picked up some 4 pint milk cartons of cask ale. Just on a virtual pub with some friends. Feeling the effects of the beer! Lovely ale though.


Infinite Dreamer
ooooh man, I'm soooo drunk right now. Haven't been this drunk in.... yeeeeaarssss. blaaaaaaaaaah. Feel... really good. hehe. goooooooooood. numb and feeling all at once. NICE. Thought about texting or messaging people I really shouldn't be texting or messaging. Was like, NO! bad idea. I should text my gf instead. except... like. it's late. she'd be upset I woke her up. sooooo, just here. alone. and drunk, watching the youtubes and enjoying the drunkness as I slowly get sleepy. I'm sleepy. and drunk. hehe. woooo. wooo. woo. Blargh.