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Charlotte the Harlot

Discussion in 'Iron Maiden' started by The_7th_Son, Mar 17, 2004.


How good is Charlotte the Harlot on a scale of 1-10?

  1. 10

  2. 9

  3. 8

  4. 7

  5. 6

  6. 5

  7. 4

  8. 3

  9. 2

  10. 1

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  1. Donner

    Donner Ancient Mariner

    6- always thought this song was a bit silly.  My favorite part is the slowed down mid section.  Otherwise I've never been terribly fond of this number.
  2. Murder89

    Murder89 Officer Friendly

    I like it how this rocker turns bluesy and the lyrics became moodier in the 2nd part while they are not as serious in the 1st one. 8/10
  3. Chartwell

    Chartwell Trooper

    I agree with the silly assessment, and think this song is not Iron Maiden-worthy. That being said, it's a catchy tune. Like CTH'88 better, because it sounded spookier and Maidenesque.
  4. Tron

    Tron Trooper

    8 - it may be silly but i think its i good song for being lighthearted. Plus it always sits stuck in my head  ^-^
  5. czgibson

    czgibson Invader


    Punk sandwich with prog filling. Catchy chorus.
  6. Revelations85

    Revelations85 Trooper

    7/10. A good song, but not amazing.
  7. Viperlord

    Viperlord Nomad

    6/10. It's catchy and sorta fun if you're in the mood, but the song is far from Maiden's best.
  8. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    7/10. As Viperlord said, it sort of requires me to be in the right mood for it. But I do like how there is some seriousness to the lyrics in the later-half of the song...it could very easily have been one of those "take a piss" affairs but isn't.
  9. MaidenCanada

    MaidenCanada Trooper

    Agreed on all points.
  10. Check the Declination!

    Check the Declination! Working on my PHD in Maiden

    This is a solid song, my only complaint is the slow down beginning with "There was a time when you left me standing there......" Nit picking, I know. Also what does "Your draws are off color too cuz you're making love all day" mean? I mean, does it mean what I think it means? :bigsurprise:
  11. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    It's rather silly, 'innit? I love the chorus, though. And it introduced us to Charlotte, one of the band's most important chara...ah, nevermind. A 6.
  12. AndrewLaeddis

    AndrewLaeddis Prowler

    A mixed bag for me. Lyrics suck, but I love the opening, especially the bass, and there are solid riffs throughout. Song has a cool drive and a solid chorus. However, the soft section in the middle is awful, it only highlights the weak lyrics, and is something I would have expected of an AOR band from that period. Probably should have kept that part instrumental or left it off altogether. 6/10
  13. Oh man! Why'd this song have to wake me up from that bliss? Well, at least it's a catchy song that is bringing us back to earlier in the album with the punk feel. I like that this Charlotte the Harlot character is continued in a later album, NOTB's 22 Acacia Avenue. I have a fondness for Charlotte the Harlot.
    Some seem to detest this song and say it's the album's worst. I can't say that. It's far too catchy.

  14. Eddieson

    Eddieson Nomad

    Like many of you said its kind of catchy, and have a silly but fun chorus. The slowed down part is the best part of the song for sure. Have a hard time with the happy melody in the beginning and in the end. As a whole this song doesn't do that much for me, but it's not bad.
  15. TheSpectreWithin

    TheSpectreWithin Pirate of the Undergorund

    Charlotte the Harlot isn't a bad song, far from one of Maiden's worst. It has a good riff that interacts nicely with Steve's awesome bass line,
    and a catchy chorus. Some find the melody a little too happy, but I think it fits well with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics we are presented with.
    I prefer Maiden's more serious lyrics, but don't mind something like this every now and then. Decent track, kinda fun, but nothing special.

  16. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    This song is a decent bit of filler, and Di'Anno does a good job with it. But, it's another case of early unpolished songwriting and bad production.

    Since I'm doing my ratings against other Maiden songs only, this has to be fairly low - but not outrageously so, since it's still an alright tune. 4/10
  17. RTC

    RTC Libera et impera!

    I love the sound of the chorus, and it's definitely a catchy tune. But I'll be honest, it's a little bit over the top, even for the Di'Anno days. The lyrics could be seen as pretty misogynistic also, but I've heard much worse from other bands.


    RTC's Maiden Ranking:
    1: Phantom Of The Opera
    2: Remember Tomorrow
    3: Transylvania
    4: Strange World
    5: Sanctuary
    6: Prowler
    7: Charlotte The Harlot
    8: Running Free
  18. Iron Frontier

    Iron Frontier Invader

    6/10 The slow section stalls this one. I do enjoy the '88 version a bit more.
  19. Stardust

    Stardust A Blue Sector Mirage

    This one is certainly energetic. It can really rock on some occasions. Unfortunately, those lyrics...I really dislike them. I also feel that while the slow mid-section is good but I feel it lasts about fifteen seconds too long. We have a quick solo after that but it's nothing good.

    Unfortunately, this is my least favourite on the album. There's not much to do about that. 4/10.
  20. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands


    The cracks start to show with Charlotte the Harlot, which features cringeworthy lyrics and some strange musical pieces. The riffs are a melodic representation of guitarist, and songwriter, Dave Murray’s absurdly cherubic face - they’re just so happy! The snare drum dynamics of the chorus are cool, but quickly grow old. The bridge offers a nice section for Harris and Di’Anno to shine and the guitar solo is awesome, but the song is a true fluff piece, in both concept and execution.

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