Bruce Dickinson


Ancient Mariner
I can see a Spice Girls thing in the background. How 90s! :lol:
LOL, it's the only album I recognise in the background apart from the AOB album and single. I think album with the face with red writing going across it is familiar though maybe radiohead??

Really fuckin sick of this lockdown now, trying to identify albums in the back of a bruce picture WTF


Ancient Mariner
Interesting that the photo is from Burton. When I was at Bloodstock Festival (not far from Burton) a couple of years ago I found this when looking through the stall which sells CDs/vinyls etc.:

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I did not buy it. Who the hell owns a cassette player now anyway?
I have a decent teac cassette player that I bought on the buy and sell a few years ago for 40 quid. I reckon it probably cost hundreds back in the days cassettes were around. Listened to Powerslave on it once and then remembered cassettes sound shit:lol: