Bruce Dickinson


Ancient Mariner
I think the next Bruce solo album could be a double or triple album. It depends how annoyed is Roy and if he wants to write more music for him.

Travis The Dragon

"Can you see them riding. Riding next to you!"
Hi All,
Yesterday Bruce said in Budapest, that no solo album will be released next year, but probably the year after. But there will be a good news regarding Maiden that will be announced soon.

He is not wearing his ring and he only wears the signet ring on his little finger.

Here is some tabloid thing for all who's interested:
The new girlfriend.

Yes it is all over the newspapers already. In every language.
It's good to know the possibilities of a solo album are still alive!


Ancient Mariner
This week on the Planet Rock breakfast show Bruce will be reading parts of his book until Sunday, because he hasn't promoted this enough.

They might be just replaying the readings of the book he did for them back in 2017. ;)


Ancient Mariner
How long are Bruce's talks normally? I'm curious since I'm going today and I'd like to have some clue when I'll be out, for bus schedules and such.