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What a kickass fucking band. Sounds like a priest singing at a fucking funeral with metal blasting at the same time.

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I stand by my very valid criticism. I love the Enslaved meets prog rock stuff of the early 2000's, but this... Not so much. Dude sounds WAY too lame.


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There is a very nice and long interview with Abbath at the Norwegian paper Dagbladet today. It’s only in Norwegian, but he is now totally clean from alcohol and amphetamine, he hit rock bottom on the American tour last year.

That night with the gig in Buenos Aires was a total disaster from he arrived to the city, where he treated to kill the taxi driver because he didn’t turn up the radio at a higher volume when AC/DC came on, the other guitar player tried to calm Abbath down but ended up being fired from the band. After the well-documented «show», fans outside the venue started rioting and throwing bottles after Abbath who was showing himself ouside of a window at the second floor. Police had to arrive in riot gear and break down the agressive mood, and Abbath totally trashed the whole backstage area.

he also tells about a few other incidents where he have been so out of mind that he have gotten arrested at Wacken 2019 after throwing an empty bottle at a local crew worker, while the other two guys was waiting for him onstage.

also a few good stories about Old funeral and early days of Immortal. Horgh have got in touch with him again, but have not spoken with Demonaz for about six years. He is open for an Immortal reunion if the other guys will do “something special“.