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^Buggers are just everywhere. The moment you get out of your office you bump into a specialist on bugs.


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Alright, the Autumn Nostalgie album I posted, along with Alcest’s Souvenirs d’un autre monde, which I discovered in the GMAC, are really up my alley. Dreamy nostalgic post-rock vibe without sounding pretentious. I like how they focus on the instrumental parts, too many harsh vocals would throw me off. Is there any other stuff like this out there? @Magnus


Pica Serdica
Dunno Saap, I'm definitely less familiar with the scene than I used to be.
Autumn Nostalgie kind of reminds me of Drudkh (e.g. Пісні скорботи і самітності,
or this band from Pskov if I'm not mistaken,
[Путь - Песни смерти].
Not exactly in the same vein either of them but those were the first to come to mind.


Fool! Doctor Doom does as he pleases!

@Jer: What do you think of frog-growls? :D
Less awful than most black metal vocals, actually. I guess the animal-themed extreme vocals (like Amputated’s pig grunts) have some point of reference other than just being terrible...?

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Inquisition's singer said that the goal is to sound as inhuman as possible, so the frog resemblance works for him :D

Btw. they have a new song, good shit:

Fills the Immortal void which the Fake Abbath-less Immortal can't fill.