And the 2013 setlist was....


And I should contemplate this change
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I loved seeing ATSS live, it was one of the highlights. Not having Hallowed was also a nice change of pace.


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I was perfectly happy with my first Maiden concert experience. 100% happy and pleased. I don't find myself missing Hallowed - Phantom was that good - and I would have been so sad had they not played Fear of the Dark.

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One think I would like to point out about this year's tour is that Bruce didn't mention Clive Burr at either show I attended but Dio got a speech and a song dedicated to him in 2010. WTF?
Already been mentioned by @SixesAlltheway - Dio's death happened while Maiden were on tour. Not only were they on tour. Heaven and Hell, with Dio, were announced as support band for several gigs that summer, their participation was cancelled only two weeks prior to Dio's death.


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I guess Afraid to Shoot Strangers was Hallowed's replacement. A possibility to get a nineties epic back in the set (a rare action) was to get rid of Hallowed (a rare action).*

*Well, they also could have made room by ejecting Fear of the Dark (also a rare action).
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Don't know if any song was a replacement for another...

But in terms of what they DO to speak...if it was a replacement I'd say it was for the missing Infinite Dreams. They both start off slow and then kick things into gear! Same kinda structure.


And I should contemplate this change
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Alright, then Hallowed was kicked out of the set, if that term suits better.
Sure, if you wanna be harsh about it. :D

I think Hallowed was originally part of the setlist, as a set closer probably, and they decided the set had too many longer songs. That's what happened with BTATS and Paschendale on the 2010 tour. I also think it's pretty awesome that they gave Hallowed the ax instead of a rarer song like ATSS.


Not playing Infinite dreams and Still life was a serious crime and such a missed opportunity. Nevertheless the show was awesome and it was great to hear songs like Seventh son, Prisoner, Moonchild and Clairvoyant. I would have ditched NOTB, FOTD, RTTH, Trooper, Phantom and Running free. Instead played Infinite dreams, Still life, Stranger in astrange land, Only the good die young, Sea of madness and Children of the damned


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Why do you always mention Phantom as Hallowed's replacement? :p IMO The Prisoner is its replacement.
In fact 'Run to the hills' was going to be the set closer in the setlist that Dave is holding in his hand here:


Dave mentions 'Moonchild', 'Can I play with madness' and 'The prisoner', and one can see the following songs on that setlist (only part of it is shown):

Wasted years
Seventh son
Fear of the dark
Iron Maiden
Aces High
Evil that men do
Run to the hills

So I guess they realised it was going to be a hard set for Bruce to sing and then decided to play 'Run to the hills' earlier in the set and close with 'Running free', dropping 'Hallowed be Thy name' as a result.