Adrian, Janick and Dave's guitars and Steve's basses

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  1. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet


    And what you think about his new black Les Paul - I think it's pretty awesome ! If he uses this guitar on previous tours ?
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  2. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    All of the questions you have have been answered on previous pages. Go back and read them.
  3. Confeos

    Confeos Game time started.

    Makes sense, I just assumed he referred to the one based on the Kossof Strat, since he's pictured with that one. He does indeed say that he used the LP Axcess on most of the songs. The article even lists a Telecaster as well, but he doesn't mention this one himself, so I don't know if it was used on anything.
  4. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    I think he just dug up the Telecaster from IM warehouse to take it back to Hawaii, because he stated something like; It's to valuable just to be stored. The Martin Barre strat was used by Adrian (I think on the solo of Tears Of A Clown, that sounds like a strat, but it could still be the Jackson 8432 Prototype, since it has a single coil in the neck position).
  5. Confeos

    Confeos Game time started.

    Interesting :) the Barre Strat is definitely one I 'd be interested in knowing more about... maybe something will come up later.
  6. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    H's guitars throug the years (With photos) part 1. Not a complete list, but the most important ones are here:

    Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop, Early 70's.
    -Appeared on most of the albums H ever recorded
    -Retired from the road (1985-1995,1999-2009,2015-...)
    -Flight Of Icarus was written on this guitar in a toilet in America
    -Has had pickguard reinstalled for ME tour


    Hamer Explorer

    -Used on Killers
    -Backup to his Les Paul in the early 80's

    Ibanez Destroyer II, Candy apple red
    -Used on most of Number Of The Beast
    -Has had a white stripe added and neck pickup cover removed before POM tour
    -Was destroyed somewhere between 2003-2010 in a flood
    -It's now on the wall of H's home studio

    Gibson Melody Maker, double cutaway, Black
    -Routed for humbuckers
    -Used on Piece Of Mind

    Dean Baby ML, sunburst
    Used on POM tour
    -Reappeared on Chemical Wedding tour as a detuned guitar for the title track

    Gibson SG, 1972, Walnut
    -This guitar firstly appeared on POM tour
    -It was still used on the first leg of World Slavery tour
    -It was called back from retirement for the Early Days tour
    -It had it's Bigsby removed after first few shows of Early Days tour and a peace sticker applied over the holes a year later.


    Ibanez Roadstar, Blue Sunburst
    -Used on the whole Powerslave record
    -Never used on stage, since H didn't like how it sounded live

    Lado Earth, Black
    -H's main guitar for the first half of World Slavery Tour.
    -Started off with stock Lado tremolo, which was soon replaced with chrome Rockinger locking tremolo and later, a gold Floyd Rose
    -The bridge pickup was replaced with white Dimarzio Super Distortion

    Lado Earth, Silver Sunburst
    -Was one of two H's main guitars on the latter part of WST (the other was the Goldtop)
    -Had the stock bridge pickup replaced by a black DiMarzio Super Distortion
    -Had the stock tremolo replaced by a locking Rockinger tremolo

    Charvel Stratocaseter, Black
    -Used in the Wasted Years video
    -Carried as a backup
    - The original Charvel neck was replaced by a Jackson one, probably at the same time when he recieved the 2nd neck for HSH Jackson (the one without a painted headstock)

    Jackson Superstrat, White, HSH comfiguration with Jackson pickups
    -This guitar had a neck with matching headstock first, but it was soon replaced by a neck with natural headstock (I assume H ordered a custom neck, but had to wait for it to be made).
    -This was H's main guitar from 1986-1995
    -Nowadays it sports H's signature model pickguard and it's usually used as a dressing room guitar
    -It was used on 2011 TFF tour as a main tremolo guitar


    Lado Stratocaster, White
    -Started out with Bill Lawrence pickups, the bridge one was soon replaced by Super Distortion
    -Used as a main Jackson backup

    Jackson Custom Stratocaster, Roland Guitar synth installed
    -Used on Somewhere On Tour

    Lado Laser, Blue Sunburst, Roland synth installed
    -Used on Seventh Tour

    Roland Synth guitar
    -Used on Somewhere In Time

    That covers the 80's. Will try to do all of the important ones up to today soon.

  7. IWishIHadAdriansDT300

    IWishIHadAdriansDT300 Clive Burr's right foot

    He had another SG in 82, hardtail. Seems like he got it somewhere in the US. A confirmed date he had it out was October 9th 1982, so some time around there
    Red finish?

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  8. mihai

    mihai The Prisoner

    2:26 - is that a LP double-cut?
  9. Zare

    Zare Automaton Sovietico

    Looks like it.
  10. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    It's the Melody Maker double-cut with humbuckers (Melody Maker sign at the end of the neck and slim headstock). It's on the list. Adrian recorded POM with this guitar.
  11. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet


    And what about this guitar ?
  12. mihai

    mihai The Prisoner

    I think this is the Lado Earth Silver Sunburst mentioned by matic22 above.
  13. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    It is.
  14. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Yeah, I know, but is it just me or this Lado guitar is yellow , or maybe the lights make it look like this !
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  15. IWishIHadAdriansDT300

    IWishIHadAdriansDT300 Clive Burr's right foot

    It's a Lado Earth Silverburst 2004, if anybody wants I can get a hold of Joe Kovacic and ask about Adrians build specs on his Lados
  16. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    That would be cool. I'm interested about when the Synth Laser was built. I also want to know when did they build the Lado Strat with BL pickups.
  17. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Can someone do all of the Steve basses and Nicko drum kits over the years with pictures ?
    With Bruce, the microphones.... uhhhh no ! But with him it would be cool to do a stage costumes over the years with pictures.

    And for Adrian,Dave and Janick would be cool to do it with pictures like @matic22 do for Adrian - awesome work ! ;)
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  18. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Ancient Mariner

    Shredding so fast that his hair seems to have caught fire! :scared:

  19. Ruflux

    Ruflux Ancient Mariner

    Steve is pretty simple. It's a Fender Precision Bass he plays, and has always played in Maiden. Been repainted a couple of times, has a split Seymour Duncan pickups, a Badass bridge and Rotosound custom flatwound strings. The tone control is hardwired because people kept messing with it during gigs.

    He also carries around a couple of extras on tour (I believe variations of the Fender signature model) that he sometimes (fairly rarely, honestly) plays during encores.

    e: I guess you could could also mention the experiments with other basses around 1984, but who really keeps count of that stuff?
  20. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    Will try to do other H's guitars with pictures in the following days. After that Dave and Jan.

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