Wolf about songwriting, playing and other stuff.
Phil is still in the band. He just wasn't present for the photoshoot. The same thing happened with some other musician (Motnik?) when they were shooting one of the videos for Too Mean to Die.
No, he is not. I know from Wolf Hoffmann, who confirmed it. Phil is a „permanent special guest“ now because of other commitments he has.

The fact that he is not in the band photos is intentional.
Interesting. Just a few days ago I read a French interview with Wolf and he called Phil "their live guitarist", not a "special guest". It made sense since most of the guitar tracks on Accept's albums are recorded by Wolf himself anyway. This situation sounds weird and it'd be nice to clarify it officially.
Accept has just posted this on their facebook :

We are pumped to be in the rehearsal studio with @joelhoekstra13 this week who will be joining us for the Latin American Tour and Summer Festivals!
Not only will you get to watch Joel with us, but we will also be performing NEW tracks from our upcoming Album HUMANOID, for the first time ever!
This 17th Accept Studio Album, “Humanoid” is released in THREE DAYS!
Pre-order link in the bio!
Ticket links in the bio!
We can’t wait to see you out there to raise some hell!!

The 3rd single (released just a day before the album's release) is the most enjoyable song so far. It's still pretty much the same formula, but the song called ''Frankenstein'' has a cool old-school vibe (riff, verses and maybe chorus) and at least some melodic catchiness. That's the key. The chorus is not bad, it could have been better, but it works with the traditional slower pre-chorus. Also, two short but very nice solos.
It's definitely the best one so far. The riff is really tasty, and the track itself is catchy. Nothing mindblowing, but surely satisfying. However, I don't think that the record will beat Saxon's recent album. But maybe they saved some gems for the premiere.
The new album isn't that much of an improvement over the previous one, but I like and enjoy more number of songs. Their style is expected ofc, but the structure of the songs are the same. They are 2 guitars in the studio and can interact more. Lack of catchiness for the most part, especially the choruses. Also, not many melodies and generally shorter solos. But as always - tasty guitar playing, riffs and solos.


- ''Southside Of Hell'' (best song, instant favorite - classic intro, epic heavy verse riff, great solo and awesome melodies; typical chorus though). One of the longest songs at 5 minutes and... one of their best new songs for me. More songs like it.
- ''Ravages Of Time'' (very nice and classic ballad for the band with its melodic approach and type of vocals).
- ''Nobody Gets Out Alive'' (the catchiest song with a big 80's vibe).
- ''Mind Games'' (makes an impression because it's one of the few songs with a heavier approach, melody, different tempo and is a very classic sounding song for the Mark era and for the 80's era of the band).

Elsewhere, one of the 2 AC/DC-esque songs is fun, the 3rd single is nice enough and if only the opener (''Diving Into Sin'') had a better chorus (still nice though), because that intro melody(!), the modern riff and Wolf's solo are very cool. Very good (especially as an opener) and very Priest sounding song.

Overall, solid work, (half) the album is definitely better than the previous one, but it's like Saxon's, they need a bit of a fresh approach mixed with their usual style ofc. What I like and want to note is that several songs have vibe from their 80's era. I wouldn't call the album shorter.
Accept should really get their narratives straight. I remember 100 % that Wolf Hoffmann said in 2021 that Gaby wasn't ill, she just wanted to work less and therefore wasn't managing Accept anymore.
I could understand such a white lie if Gaby said that she didn't want the public to speculate about her state of health.
But now the new manager Antje Lange recounts in the current Metal Hammer how Gaby called her back then and told her about her health problems.
I've listened to the album 3 times so far. I like it. It's not as good as any of the first 3 records made with Mark, but it's definitely solid and enjoyable. I think that they shouldn't have released the title track as the lead single, it's the weakest song on the album. My favs? Southside of Hell, Man Up, Straight Up Jack, Unbreakable. A lot of those songs were written to be played live, that's for sure. 2024 is a lucky year for fans of classic heavy metal.
I Just love the new album. I like all the songs. Diving Into Sin is Just a Badass track with a beautiful intro. Frankenstein is a 10/10 Song for me, beautiful Chorus, solos, Classic riffing. Man Up is a bit sinister with a huge Chorus . I love The Reckoning, especially the verses, Classic Accept. Nobody Gets Out Alive is maybe the catchiest Song ever about death :))). Revages Of Time is a beautiful ballad with an inspired Wolf and Mark does an impressive vocale performance. Mind Games Is a galloping track that could have fit on Russian Roulette . Straight Up Jack is a fun track , very AC/DC style. Southside Of Hell is Just a Beast of a song, the solos and armonies are Just top class. Oh I forgot the Title track, I like It, especially the verses and prechorus, the chorus is anthemic and It Will work live. Unbreakable is probably my least favourite, but it's growing on me.

I'm absolutely satisfied as a fan

Here's hoping there will be some UK dates!
Excellent news. It seems that I'll finally be able to see him live. Balls to the Wall is my favorite Udo-era album and many of the tracks from it haven't been played by Accept for a long time, so I'm sure that I'm gonna have a lot of fun in March.