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Whos' Next - The Who
Format: Vinyl

Baba O'Riley - The recognizable keyboard intro kicks off the classic Who song, the chorus is great, overall a classic song and rightfully so. - 8.5/10

Bargain - A calm intro leads into a rock track which reminds me a little of pinball wizard which isn't a bad thing, I like the chorus it calms down slightly from the rest of the track making the whole track more dynamic. The lyrics are heavier in topic, but the song itself doesn't come across as super heavy. - 8/10

Love Ain't For Keeping - A short acoustic track, enjoyable but nothing outstanding here. - 7/10

My Wife - Returning to the electric, this track has some nice instrumental sections, Overall a decent track but nothing amazing. - 7/10

Song Is Over - Side 1's closer begins with a calming piano and Pete sings softly and Roger comes in for the chorus. The contrast between the two singers really brings this track to another level. Overall a nice way to close of side 1 - 8/10

Getting In Tune - Piano similar to let it be opens up the second side, Roger sings softly before the band picks up for a moment. I'm not drawn in by this track, but there are moments of brilliance throughout, the pick up of the drums and piano in the ending is a great way to end this track - 7/10

Going Mobile - Petes vocals are so clear on here I enjoy them more than Daltry's on many of the Whos tracks instrumentally this track is solid and all the pieces fit together nicely - 8/10

Behind Blue Eyes - Alrighty, this song in my opinion is amazing for the first half and reprise, but when the second half kicks in it loses all appeal. I wish they had it as two songs. Regarldless the first half is perfect 10/10, the second half is a solid 7/10 for me. So this track will be given an - 8.5/10

Won't Get Fooled Again - The only downside to this monstrous closing track is that it wasn't recorded later on as even the production a few years later would allow this song to be so much heavier, which this song would be absolutely perfect for. - 9.5/10

Overall 79%
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Damn The Torpedoes – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Format: Vinyl

Refugee - A soothing guitar intro leads into a mid paced track that sounds very different than the small amount of Tom Petty that ive heard vocally but it makes for a nice introduction to his other material. Solid song - 8.5/10

Here Comes My Girl - This song has a nice structure to it and the difference in Tom's vocals are really pronounced but while the chorus pulls me in the verses push me out. Overall this song could have been so much more - 6/10

Even The Losers - A fun song, Tom's vocals are really solid here and I enjoy it more as a result - 7.5/10

Shadow of a Doubt (A complex Kid) - A more upbeat song which features solid musicianship and Vocals, nothing outstanding but a solid song. 7.5/10

Century City - This track is real good, fast paced reminds me a fair bit of Johnny B. Goode, but it adds to the appeal! - 8.5/10

Don’t Do Me Like That - I recognize this song, it is a solid one, very commercial like much of the record it doesn't quite grab me, needs a little more oomph - 7/10

You Tell Me - A little better than the track before, very ballad like and somewhat dynamic. A solid song -7.5/10

What Are You Doin’ in My Life - Faster paced again, and my enjoyment increases as well, more punkish for the chorus although far from what could be called true punk. Great guitar solo - 8/10

Louisana Rain - A synth intro leads into the final track of the album, going full on ballad for this track, and it all comes together really well, this is probably the most engaged I've been throughout the album. -9/10

Overall: 69% but 75% is more fitting.



Out of The Blue - ELO
Format: Vinyl

Turn To Stone - Overall a decent song, I can't quite pick out what I like about it, there are strong harmonies, a heavy feel to it but the song isn't really heavy at the same. Clearly a lot of talent is on this record based on the numerous aspects of the band's sound. - 7.5/10

It's Over - This song is lighter than the previous song, the musicianship for the most part feels simpler than the opening track. More poppy and the harmonies aren't used super effectively... 7/10

Sweet Talkin Woman -The orchestral part of the band opens this next track which nicely introduces this song. I like it more than It's over, but it hasn't quite grabbed hold of me yet. - 7.5/10

Across the Border - Faster paced it clicks with me, the orchestra really amplifies this track. I like the actual inclusion of the orchestra as part of the band versus being used as a background like many bands use it for today. - 8/10

Night In The City - The intro to this track screams The Who, but it works so well. The song lightens up a little but the band has really come together on this track, thus far this track is the best on the album. 8.5/10

Starlight - A slow and mystical track, enjoyable but nothing standoutish - 7.5/10

Jungle - Incorporating more jungle themed sounds into this track adds some flavour to it but overall I'm 100% willing to say I zoned out during this track. - 6.5/10

Believe Me Now - A wonderful instrumental piece segueing between Jungle and the next track. I really like it and I usually don't like instrumentals - 8/10

Steppin' Out - A calm introduction full of space related lyrics leads into a more dynamic track, this reminds me of Space Oddity, overall an ok track - 7/10

-Concerto For A Rainy Day-
Standing In The Rain - Some clearly orchestral and piano work starts off the track picking up the pace very quickly. The intro goes on for a little bit but it keeps building up as the track continues. The vocals are somewhat distorted. This track's focus is clearly on the instrumentation of the band. - 8/10

Big Wheels - A slow intro with soft vocals, very calm throughout, with the orchestra amplifying this in the background, with operatic background vocals. Overall a decent song - 7/10

Summer and Lightning - Better than Big wheels, another orchestral song that overall isn't amazing but it works fairly well. - 7.5/10

Mr. Blue Sky - Picking up into a faster paced song, the recognizable Mr. Blue Sky kicks into action, there is a feeling to this song that the others don't have and it is a standout track - 9/10
-End of Concerto-

Sweet Is The Night - A decent song, nothing really special but not bad by any means - 7.5/10

The Whale - Having a very psychedelic intro the Whale once again uses the orchestra beautifully in yet another slower song, the instrumentation is really well done on this track. -7.5/10

Birmingham Blues - A rather diverse track, with a nice midtempo verse section which reminds me more of the Beatles. Overall a decent song. - 7.5/10

Wild West Hero - A nice way to close off the album a strong dynamic track. It has some nice interplay and the band shines well on this one -8.5/10

Overall: 76%
Concerto For A Rainy Day: 79%
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Rainbow
Format: Vinyl

Man On The Silver Mountain - Amazing riff, Dio's vocals and lyrics at his finest. Amazing song that brought Ronnie into the spot light - 10/10

Self Portrait - Midtempo with Dio singing in a fairly mystical way Blackmore has a decent riff in this one, the solo section really fits the song quite well. A solid track. - 7.5/10

Black Sheep of The Family - More upbeat a fun cover which was the entire reason this album was recorded so for that reason alone it would be a 10/10 however thats not how reviews work. This song is fun, but not amazing. - 8/10

Catch The Rainbow - This ballad took a very long time for me grow to appreciate it. But now that I do I am happy to say it is an elegant masterpiece on behalf of Ronnie and Ritchie. Absolutely amazing - 10/10

Snake Charmer - An ok track, it doesn't hold up to the masterpieces before it or even the rock tracks. Not a bad song just not amazing. - 7/10

Temple of the King - The second ballad of the album is different from the first but by no means any less amazing, Temple of the King is an absolutely outstanding track once again showing Dio's softer side as well as the beauty of Blackmore's guitarwork. - 10/10

If You Don't Like Rock N Roll - Another song that is fun but it really doesn't go anywhere, It has a nice pace to it and it is short which help it in the long run. - 7/10

Sixteenth Century Greensleeves - I'm not entirely sold on this song but Dio puts in a great preformance and Blackmore's solo is quite strong. It doesn't reach any amazing heights for me. The slow pace makes for a nice change. Overall a solid song - 8/10

I'm Still Sad - That intro riff is great, and the band plays really well, if only Dio could be singing this would be absolutely unreal. Overall another solid track - 8/10

Overall 84%


In Rock - Deep Purple
Format: CD/Digital

Speed King - Gillan's first appearance in Purple kicks off the the fast paced Speed King, musically this song is really strong, I'm not a huge fan of Gillan's vocals on this track but they don't take away from the track as a whole too much - 7.5/10

Bloodsucker - Gillan nails it on this track, the band is tight, well placed screams. A strong track 8.5/10

Child In Time - A masterpiece start to finish, unreal performances -10/10

Flight of The Rat - A faster paced epic than Child In Time, with amazing musicianship by the band. Gillan's vocals are solid on this one and the track flies by. - 9.5/10

Into The Fire - Mid paced, the band is on fire for this track, once again Gillan's vocals just don't work for me. Solid song overall 7/10

Living Wreck - A decent track, keeping a slower pace throughout, blackmore's solo is fairly slow but it is really well done. Overall a solid track - 7.5/10

Hard Loving Man - The album closes off with a a faster paced song, strong guitar and organ work, the beat is great and Gillan delivers on this performance. 8.5/10

Overall 84%
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Update time!


Album 55/365

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Album 56/365

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Albums 58 & 59/365

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I've heard a lot of good things about this album, so I hope it doesn't disappoint.


Album 60/365


  1. "Thundersteel" - Ah, the sweet sound of heavy metal. This dude has fucking vocals. Holy shit this is some high stuff. The instruments are crazy too, that instrumental section is awesome. Great song. 10/10
  2. "Fight Or Fall" - The singer here sounds like a young Halford and he's really nailing his stuff. Storming song. 9/10
  3. "Sign Of The Crimson Storm" - Ooh, a stomping beat here. Goddamn, this chorus here is awesome. I love this song. 10/10
  4. "Flight Of The Warrior" - Another great song with another great chorus. Maybe not as good as the previous song but it's still great. 9/10
  5. "On Wings Of Eagles" - It's the chorus that makes this song. It's epic as fuck. Absolute madmen. 10/10
  6. "Johnny's Back" - Cool bass intro here. The weakest one so far but I love the melodies they've got intertwined in it. 9/10
  7. "Bloodstreets" - Didn't expect acoustics or pipes. It does get heavier and there's a lot of cool melodic pieces on display. Still great. 9/10
  8. "Run For Your Life" - Okay, this one doesn't do much for me. Solid but not outstanding. 7/10
  9. "Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)" - Interesting opening here. Loved this soloing here. The tolling off the bells leads us into a pretty epic riff. The actual body of the song isn't quite so good, but as a whole there's enough to keep it at a solid 8/10.
The last two songs here take a slight dip in quality, but everything else is great to awesome. Really good album.

Rating: 91%
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@The Dissident
Just an FYI, Gimme A Bullet is not about killing yourself.
It’s a reference to biting the the bullet -what folks in the Old West did to deal with pain.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
This band doesn't have much, so I'm just gonna go through their entire discography and call it one album.

01101111011101100110111001101001 -
"R * fp . ne . fl . fi . fc . L = N"
S / 2 0 0 4 S 3


Album 61/365

That single doesn't really grab me. Kinda bland slam. 6/10

I love the opener to the EP though, it's some good shit. Okay, I like this track more than I did the previous one. Wild shit. The vocalist here is a pretty solid dude.

Okay but seriously, look at this tracklist:
  1. FRB121102
  2. KIC8462852
  3. PSRB1919+21
  4. GROJ1744-28
Mad shit. But the music really is quite solid. Maybe could use a little more variety, but... solid. Very solid. There's a lot of alien imagery on display. Still not the best slam I've heard (Amputated and Inhumano remain atop that pile) but... yeah. Solid.

Rating: 85%

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
More slam!


Album 62/365

Guttural Slug don't have the dynamics of the previous band, but dang, they know how to craft some great fucking slam. The vibe, the feel, it's pretty great. They even throw in a Malodorous cover, which has more prominent vocals than the original did. "Paranormal Evisceration" and "Isolated Insanity" in particular were fucking brilliant. Great stuff.

Rating: 92%


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
More slam!


Album 62/365

Guttural Slug don't have the dynamics of the previous band, but dang, they know how to craft some great fucking slam. The vibe, the feel, it's pretty great. They even throw in a Malodorous cover, which has more prominent vocals than the original did. "Paranormal Evisceration" and "Isolated Insanity" in particular were fucking brilliant. Great stuff.

Rating: 92%
Follow it up with Leviathan.