365 Albums In One Year

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) by Praxis.
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Album 54/365


  1. "Blast / War Machine Dub" - Oh yeah, this sounds like a project Buckethead took part in. This is fucking WILD. I quite like it.
  2. "Interface / Stimulation Loop" - Ye I like it.
  3. "Crash Victim / Black Science Navigator" - Someone's walking. Interesante. I quite like the "riff" here. Wild ending here. Probably my favorite track so far.
  4. "Animal Behavior" - Oh we get vocals now, do we? Groovy shit.
  5. "(Outro)" - Oh man, I love this. Fantastic piece of music. May be one of my favorite Buckethead songs overall.
  6. "Dead Man Walking" - Noodles. Ooh, I like the drumming here. Quite good stuffs mah dudes.
  7. "Seven Laws Of Woo" - Ooooh ya that groove. This is some WILD soloing. Loved this.
  8. "The Interworld And The New Innocence" - I like this one a lot too. Some nice, calm, peaceful stuff. Kind of interesting, this change-up.
  9. "Giant Robot / Machines In The Modern City / Godzilla" - Some good shit my guys. Some good shit.
  10. "After Shock (Chaos Never Died)" - Okay, sixteen minute song, let's go. [...] And that's how I found the Elixir of Life.
This was a groovy tune bop jamboree album grop boom. I likened it very nicely. It be gr8 r8 m8.

Rating: 89%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Come and Get It – Whitesnake
Format: CD/Digital

Come and Get It - A mid tempo groove kicks off the title track of the album. Not too bluesy as the earlier Whitesnake Material clearly showing the beginnings of the hard rock sound they will become known for. A nice tune, but it really doesn't jump out at you the band and Coverdale put in strong performances but it just isn't a standout; The groove in the solo reminds me 100% of Living after midnight by Judas Priest - 7/10

Hot Stuff - A faster and heavier track than the opener. Coverdale has higher vocals on this track and it suits the track well, the drum interludes are nice touches and Lords keyboards are great as always, this song screams early show opener. -7.5/10

Don’t Break My Heart Again - With a nice beat from the drums and bass Coverdale makes his presence known, a mainstream style track, with a constant beat solid song with sentimental lyrics of Coverdale begging for his heart not to be broken - 8.5/10

Lonely Days, Lonely Nights - A slow ballad like track, dynamic bluesy instrumentation with Coverdale singing over it, I feel like this song will be a grower but for now it will sit at a 7.5/10

Wine,Women an’ Song - Piano intro opens up this song and Coverdale introduces the song along with it. This song is clearly a throwback to their influences and I like it, fun and shameless about what Coverdale and the band enjoys to do in their free time. - 8/10

Child of Babylon - Side two opens up with the blowing winds followed up with some soothing guitars, this song has the epic feel to it. This song is thus far the best one on the album, the band plays off each other very well and it clearly shows what the band is quickly going to become over their next few albums. - 9/10

Would I Lie to You - A harder intro kicks off this track before transitioning into a more poppy style song, this song has another nice infectious groove, you can tell this song is a single due and I feel like it would be an effective way to grab people into listening to the album. Solid blues rock here - 7.5/10

Girl - Another slower and more subdued track, this song just doesn't grab me, it is enjoyable to listen to but it doesn't pull you in. The groove is there but doesn't quite do it. 6/10

Hit and Run - Faster energy than the previous track and it grabs me right from the start. The instrumentation on this track is great. Lyrics aren't amazing but this song is a good pick up from the previous track - 7.5/10

Till The Day I Die - In typical Whitesnake ballad fashion this song starts off slower before getting faster and heavier, Lords keys standout well in the midsection of the track. A great way to close off this decent album on a high note! - 8.5/10

Overall 77%



Turbo – Judas Priest
Format: Vinyl

Turbo Lover - A quick intro leads into some lower and mid tempo vocals from Halford, the song feels like it can just explode at any time, and I like that it doesn't the energy in this track is really strong and the lower vocals and midpaced tempo make this opener a really enjoyable track - 9/10

Locked In - The intro sounds similar to 2M2M, which isn't a bad thing since the song quickly diverges away from it, higher vocals from Halford appear on this track. The guitar solo section is great. - 8/10

Private Property - Synth intro leads into a solid groove, Vocal harmonies are really good on this track. Chorus screams chanting responses. This song is commercial but it is absolutely wonderful at the same time. - 8.5/10

Parental Guidance - Another song with an easy to repeat chorus, not quite on par with private property but this song has some solid instrumentation, these lyrics are a little cheesy and I'm a fan of "hair metal" - 6.5/10

Rock You All Around The World - A heavier intro, leads into a strong track, the chorus is great and the verses are strong. The guitar work is immense. Clearly Parental guidance was just a small misstep the boys are still rocking strong - 8.5/10

Out In The Cold - The synths return for the opener of side 2, the slow intro turns into a symphonic section before Halford comes in. This track has an epic feel to it with the synths sticking around and really amplifying the guitars. The squeeling guitars in the solo section is the icing on the top of this song. - 10/10

Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days - This song started off iffy for me but quickly corrected course and it became another solid track. - 7.5/10

Hot For Love - I like the intro to this track as well, super fast synths take it to another level. The lyrics and vocals on this track aren't amazing but the instrumentation keeps this track going strong. - 8/10

Reckless - A solid song closes off the album, Halfords vocals jive well with this track and Priest closes off the album in style - 8.5/10

Overall 83%

Well it is official, I have finally finished January's albums!
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Format: Vinyl

Speak to Me/Breathe/On The Run - A heartbeat style instrumental track leads into the atmospheric intro of Breathe, which in itself is a very atmospheric track soothing before transitioning into On The Run which picks up the pace with some nice keyboard and synth work. I personally feel like these 3 tracks should have all be a single track and I will be rating them as such. An interesting way to begin the album, not many bands can start with an slower song and a pair on instrumentals but Pink Floyd is definitely one that can - 8/10 (All 3)

Time - The ticking of clocks begins following the conclusion of On The Run transitioning smoothly from the previous track before coming off in all alarm style before mellowing out once more to the sound of a metronome becoming more ominous before vocals are heard once more. The guitar solos in this song are amazing, and the lyrics are amazing. The introduction isn't quite my favourite but this song is a masterpiece - 9.5/10

The Great Gig In The Sky - Pianos introduce the final song on side one of the seems more like an extended outro of Time, with dynamic howling vocals ripe for experimentation, when I saw it had no vocals I was worried but it actually works out really well and I have to say I am happily suprised by my enjoyment of this track. - 8/10

Money - The usaged of the transfer of money being used in the intro of this track is nice, what impresses me is the seamless transition of it fading out as the bass line begins. Instrumentally this track is golden. Gilmour's vocals aren't amazing but they suit the song fairly well. The increase in speed is a welcome addition. As the vocals come back the track returns to its slow pace once again. A solid dynamic track - 8/10

Us and Them - Begining with a very soothing intro into a sax solo before mystical vocals come into play, before the chorus kicks in bringing the song to greater heights. This song screams orchestral backing. I honestly can't tell where I stand with it, it is a great song but it doesn't blow me away. -8.5/10

Any Colour You Like - A weird funky instrumental which should have been a shorter tag on the end of Us and Them but alas it isn't it goes on a little too long and really would have worked better as a shortened outro. 7/10

Brain Damage - Atmospheric, not quite on par with the masterpieces which have come before but the chorus sections are strong. Overall an overshadowed song. - 7.5/10

Eclipse - Ending off the album is probably the weakest standalone track. It does its job tying up the album and finishing it off but it really isn't anything special in my mind - 7/10

Overall: 80%



Powerage – AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

Rock N Roll Damnation - A quick opener kicks off the album, Bon Scotts vocals are charismatic and vicious as ever. The Youngs handle their guitars greatly and the rhythm section puts in its work. A strong start to the album - 8.5/10

Down Payment Blues - A slower intro leads into a mid tempo track, lyrics and vocals for me aren't pulling me in, but the band sounds wonderful on this track. This track shows just how strong the entire Rhythm section of this band was in their prime. -7/10

Gimme a Bullet - A stomping beat opens up with a fairly upbeat track about killing ones self. A more enjoyable song than the previous one but it isn't an outstanding track - 7.5/10

Riff Raff - A kick ass track, I love the guitar riff that introduces the song; Vicious vocals from Bon, face paced and raw rocking. - 9/10

Sin City - This track has grown on me over the past few years. I used to not enjoy it at all now I quite enjoy it (Which was the case with ALL AC/DC at one point). Excellent musicianship by the band on this mid paced rocker - 9/10

What’s Next To The Moon - Call and answer style guitar with the band but to a lesser extent than in Rosie from the previous album. More subdued in general. Song is overall fairly enjoyable - 8/10

Gone Shootin’ - A slow groove kicks off another more subdued track; Midtempo throughout, Angus is fairly restrained for the majority of this track, every so often getting more elaborate with his solos. - 8/10

Up To My Neck In You - Returning to a faster paced style, Bon's vocals are really suited to a faster and raw track like this one - 8.5/10

Kicked In The Teeth - A vocal intro leads into a fast paced track which reminds me a little of Go Down from LTBR, but this song is a strong way to end off the album - 8.5/10

Overall 82%



Halestorm - Halestorm
Format: CD/Digital

It's Not You - Short and sweet, the intro track kicks off with some nice vocals from Lzzy, I really like this track it is one of the 3 I've heard and It rocks - 9/10

I Get Off - A lower guitar intro with Lzzy singing over it opens up this song. The song soon kicks off into a more dynamic sound. The sex fueled lyrics are quite clear throughout and they are a theme from the vast majority of the Halestorm song's I've heard. There is no question Lzzy is an amazing singer. - 8/10

Bet U Wish U Had Me Back - A nice quick guitar intro leads into a slower song where Lzzy sings in a clearer voice than before, sexual lyrics are back again, this song is more poppy than the first two but it works - 7.5/10

Innocence - Transitioning back into towards the more rock style but keeping what made the pop side of it stick around. Another relatively strong track. - 7.5/10

Familliar Taste of Poison - An amazing ballad, calm introduction before becoming more dynamic as the song progresses. I wish they played this more often instead of the poppier stuff from Into the Wild Life (Review coming...) - 9/10

I'm Not An Angel - The guitar quickly makes itself known before calming down as Lzzy comes in. A solid song but at this point the whole relationships theme of the album has gotten old. The dynamics of the song are quite good but It really is overshadowed by the previous track - 7.5/10

What Were You Expecting? - The intro of this song signals a return to the harder rock side of Halestorm which is welcome. This song is solid but nothing amazing, the fast pace is great but this song isn't really a standout - 7/10

Love/Hate Heartbreak - A dynamic track that really works, it pulls on Lzzy's high notes with music which matches it. Overall a solid track - 8/10

Better Sorry Than Safe - This track pulled me in, Idk what did it but it just clicks with me. -8.5/10

Dirty Work - The intro to this song is the heaviest on the album thus far, the song holds some of the aggression of the into throughout the track, ending is strong. Another solid track - 8/10

Nothing To Do With Love - Another heavier intro, leads into a fast beat, the track remains solid throughout once again. I like the varying styles of vocal delivery throughout it gives the track something to keep you listening - 8/10

Overall 80% Although I feel a 77% is a more reflective rating.
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Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms

Collin's Top 20 Albums of All Time (Per Diesel's request)
1. Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
2. Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls
3. Tool -
4. Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
5. Dream Theater - Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory
6. Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
7. Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
8. Opeth - Still Life
9. Pink Floyd- The Wall
10. Alice in Chains - Dirt
11. Dream Theater - Images & Words
12. Dream Theater - Awake
13. Iron Maiden - Brave New World
14. Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
15. Tool - Lateralus
16. Iron Maiden - Powerslave
17. Gojira - From Mars to Sirius
18. Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
19. Mastodon - Crack the Skye
20. Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds