365 Albums In One Year


Slide It In - Whitesnake
Format: Vinyl

Slide it In - A killer riff opens up the title track and the album with Coverdale's vocals quickly coming in afterwords. An chant-able chorus with overall great musicianship makes this song an absolute classic. - 10/10

Slow an' Easy - An atmospheric opening launches into a hard rocking track which is anything but slow and easy. A powerful rocker which highlights all the aspects of what make Whitesnake great. - 9.5/10

Love Ain't No Stranger - 100% Better than Is This Love, an absolute monster of a ballad and rock tune all in one short 4 minute package - 10/10

All Or Nothing - A heavy riff and drums kick off the next track, opening verses are great. This version of Whitesnake is absolutely amazing, super tight and the songs definitely compliment each other really well. A fun track not quite on par with the opening salvo but still a strong rock track - 8.5/10

Gambler - This song is honestly just as amazing as the rest of this side, heavy but still commercial enough to easily be a radio single. A nice interlude takes place in the center between Sykes' guitar and Lord's keyboards amazing track - 9/10

Guilty of Love - An incredibly fast paced song kicks off side 2. This song makes me want to move around. Another great song on an incredibly enjoyable album - 9/10

Hungry for Love - An interesting guitar lick kicks off this track, Coverdale's vocals are per usual are top notch. Chorus harmonies are great, a strong song, with a simpler feel to it. - 8/10

Give Me More Time - Another upbeat fun track that has an infectious chorus. Amazing solo on this track. Unreal track, super commercial but wow is it amazing. - 10/10

Spit It Out - Slower guitar work with some quick drums leads into this next track, call and answer chorus reminds me of Kiss, and not in a good way, although Coverdale and company still rock out really well on this track. Another monster solo from Sykes on this track. - 8/10

Standing In The Shadow - The final song on an outright amazing album, this final track is no weak point either, another strong track, not as fast paced as some of the earlier tracks but it still rocks, soaring vocals from Coverdale. Nice instrumentation as with all the rest. - 8.5/10

Overall a well earned 90%



Escape - Journey
Format: Vinyl

Don't Stop Believin' - This song deserves about 80% of the airplay it gets, an uplifting rock classic. Great solo amazing vocals and outright an amazing song - 10/10

Stone In Love - Neal Schon makes himself known quickly in this next track, Steve Perry's vocals are amazing. A great track ripe for extended solos with upbeat lyrics and a sing a long chorus. - 10/10

Who's Crying Now - Cain's piano introduces this slower paced track, great harmonies, a solid slower track to contrast from the faster paced upbeat opening tracks - 8/10

Keep On Runnin' - Another fast paced track, poppy vocals but they do not take away from this strong track. Nice instrumentation from the band. Another great track. 8/10

Still They Ride - The first true ballad of the album, Steve's vocals are wonderful on this track and the band takes a bit of a back seat for this track but their presence only exemplifies his amazing vocals. - 8.5/10

Escape - The roaring title track kicks off side 2, this is my favourite song from the album. Amazing vocals, great heavier guitar work and a longer drawn out song as a whole. It is amazing - 10/10

Lay It Down - Keeping the heavier guitar work Lay It Down, the soaring vocals from Steve Perry go to even higher levels than anywhere else thus far on the album. Chorus is a little weaker but the instrumentation is top notch. - 7.5/10

Dead Or Alive - Drums kick off this next track, rapid fire vocals from Steve. Instrumentation is solid but this is the first real track down that doesn't live up to the rest. Still enjoyable - 7/10

Mother, Father - Slower piano and guitar open up the penultimate track, a building epic of a track that honestly should have ended the album. I like the chorus overall a wicked track - 9/10

Open Arms - In my opinion this is the overplayed song of the album, overshadowed by the elegant Faithfully in every way as a ballad Open Arms is a song that is a nice close to a strong album but it could be so much more - 6.5/10

Overall 85%


Machine Head - Deep Purple
Format: Vinyl

Highway Star - The classic opener Highway Star is a song that has grown on me over the years I used to despise this song, but now I appreciate it as the masterpiece that it is. Amazing vocals, guitar, drums and keyboard work here. This is MK II Purple at their finest. - 10/10

Maybe I'm A Leo - A slower groove follows up on the second track of the album, this song is solid but not amazing. The groove is really what keeps it going - 7/10

Pictures from Home - Faster paced than the previous track, Ian's vocals are clear but still not the most effective. The instrumentation by Purple on this track is great. But this song is a solid one - 8/10

Never Before - An interesting intro kicks off the closer of side 1, an odd track, clearly Purple are showing a different side of their writing here as opposed to straightforward rockers that the rest of this side has been. - 7.5/10

Smoke on The Water - A classic rock tune, easily recognizable riff. Strong overall performance but I will say overrated. - 9/10

Lazy - John Lord's time to shine, the slow moving keyboard-based track Lazy starts off with an extended keyboard solo before Blackmore comes in slowly followed by the band, vocals finally appear a fair chunk into the song. And the song continues on, it doesn't come close to Child In Time as the Album's extended centerpiece but it does a really solid job - 8.5/10

Space Truckin - It is at this point that I have to mention how Blackmore's most popular albums from each of his Metal projects have immense Side 2's in both this and Rising. A strong song to end off the classic album. Another track that has grown on me over the past few years. Nice screams from Ian and amazing groove from Ritchie, Ian Paice shows another strong performance here as well. - 9/10

Overall 84%


The Mob Rules – Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell
Format: Vinyl

Turn Up The Night – A heavy riff opens up the second album of the Dio Era of a band that should have been known as Heaven and Hell. The opening riff alone is amazing and could have gone on for much longer; Dio’s vocals are higher than usual on this track. A nice and short rocker and a solid opener. – 9/10

Voodoo – Transitioning from the first track into a slower track Voodoo has some of Dio’s trademark fantasy lyrics and they are solid overall. Not an amazing track but a solid one. 7.5/10

Sign of The Southern Cross – One of the best Sabbath songs period. Majestic and atmospheric this track is a masterpiece by all 4 members of Heaven and Hell – 10/10

E5150 – An eerie instrumental track segues between the previous track and the title track of the album. It is a nice addition to the album but ultimately isn’t really required. It could have been shortened a fair bit and added onto the actual song instead. – 6/10

The Mob Rules – The roaring title track segues from the instrumental and kicks the album back into high gear. Amazing guitar from Tony, Vinny rocks the drums, Geezer puts in his work and Ronnie warns us about the Mob. An amazing track start to finish. – 9.5/10

Country Girl – A midpaced track kicks off side 2, fun lyrics about the difference between people. Not a super serious song, but one that really works overall – 8.5/10

Slipping Away – A nice guitar riff accompanied by Ronnie’s high vocals kicks off this track. A strong track overall but nothing amazing. The band is solid as with every other track just overshadowed by some of the other amazing tracks that preceded it. – 8/10

Falling off The Edge of The World – A weeping guitar opens up with Dio singing softly about ending it all, however the track quickly shifts into a heavy rocker which doesn’t hold back. The opening portion in conjunction with the second half makes this song yet another great composition for the album – 10/10

Over and Over – Slower and Moody instruments segue into Dio’s soaring voice. Overall this song is a solid one with a nice ending solo but I feel like the album would have ended perfectly fine without it – 7.5/10

Overall 84%
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Album 43/365

This was a surprisingly great album. No bad tracks on here and a lot of fun material, some of it darker than others. The highlight of course is the epic closer “The End”, which is one of my favorite songs, but all the rest somehow hold up quite well in comparison. “Light My Fire” sounds better than I remember it, “Twentieth Century Fox” is a really fun song, “The Crystal Ship” is wonderfully atmospheric, and “End of the Night” even features lyrics from William Blake. All the rest here are great too, some of them better than the songs I just mentioned. It is a pretty great release.

Rating: 86%
You’re probably sick of getting recommendations but I have a good one for you. Since you liked Lulu so much you might like Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed. It’s regarded as a classic amongst his fan base and totally not a waste of 64:11 of your life. You will like this album more than Master of Puppets. Throughout your listen on this album you will realize that Lou Reed is a god amongst men. I would love to see you review this album more than anything else.