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I wanna get the Loads together, so I'm not posting the Metallica review yet. However, from the Metal Essentials game...



Albums 38 & 39/365

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Time for a study Break:

1987 - Whitesnake
Format: Vinyl

Crying in The Rain - This version of the album begins with the rerecording of a song off the saint's n sinners album (This record has 3 or 4 different track running orders floating around) While I like the original version something about the more commercial sound provided by the 1987 version makes the song rock even more, a killer mid-paced opener and easily a centerpiece live with plenty of room for solos - 10/10

Bad Boys - Following up is a fast paced rocker, bad boys is the classic Whitesnake Opener for many of their tours, and definetly an overshadowed track by the other 3 tracks on this side however it still is an amazing track; If it weren't for the other 4 radio staples this song likely would be the one from this album. 9/10

Still of The Night - The epic Still of the Night begins with the recognizable guitar riff, who cares about the Zeppelin esc sound it rocks. Killer screams, amazing guitar work, and overall just a great song, the scream into the guitar solo gave me goosebumps, and this wasn't the first time i've heard the song. - 10/10

Here I go Again - Side 1 closes with likely the most well known song by Whitesnake. The classic Here I Go Again, needs no introduction, arena sized chorus, great solo, screams and catch as hell. - 10/10

Give Me All Your Love - Another mid paced track kicks off side two, in typical Whitesnake fashion it has a catchy chorus, it isn't quite on par with side 1 but it still is a strong track, not quite a ballad but treading quite close to one at the same time 8/10

Is This Love - The very well known sappy ballad. Overall it isn't a bad song but Whitesnake has better ballads. 7.5/10

Children of The Night - Kicking off similar to Bad Boys children of the night is a song clearly about the rock and roll lifestyle, this song screams live energy. 8/10

Straight For The Heart - Another fast paced track, with a call and answer chorus. Not as strong as the other rock tracks on here and not really that memorable, but still a solid track - 7/10

Don't Turn Away - The album closes out with another more sentimental track, slower and better than Is This Love lyrically but somehow more forgettable than the song. 7.5/10

Overall 86%
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Foreigner - Foreigner
Format: Vinyl

Feels like the First Time - The perfect song to kick off their first album, while I prefer the re-recorded punchier version with Kelly Hansen this version is a classic and is the perfect embodyment of foreigner - 9/10

Cold as Ice - The piano intro leads into another classic foreigner song, catchy midpaced with a great chorus - 9/10

Starrider - Starrider is absolutely unreal, trippy and majestic the song is sung by lead guitarist Mick Jones. Live this song is amazing as well. - 10/10

Headknocker - A solid track, nothing compared to the previous 3 but overall a solid one. Nothing special - 7/10

The Damage Is Done - Very similar thoughts in comparrision to the previous track, it isn't bad by any means just doesn't grab you. - 7/10

Long, Long Way from Home - Side two kicks off with a weird fusion of mid and fast paced. It seems to work, nice guitar and synth work on this track. Has a punchy feel to it. Sax solo is great as well. - 8/10

Woman Oh Woman - Slower track with a soothing sound to it. Solid track - 7.5/10

At War With The World - A very fun guitar intro kicks off this track, before transitioning into an atmospheric style track with interludes of the guitar kicking in every so often. 8/10

Fool For You Anyway - Another slow song, better than Woman oh Woman but not quite on par with At war with the World but i refuse to give 0.75's. Calm acoustic guitars - 7.5/10

I Need You - The intro has an awesome groove to it. Lou kicks off with some strong vocals as the band backs off a little bit. A nice way to end off the album. 8/10

Overall 81%
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Seeing @Diesel 11's progress makes me sad. He heard like, 40 new albums already, and I listened to my 8th and 9th just yesterday lol.

Edit: actually, 9th and 10th.

Long Live Rock and Roll - Rainbow
Format: Vinyl

Long Live Rock and Roll - The fun title track kicks off the record, more on the poppier side than the metal side of Rainbow, but undeniably catchy and a classic track. 9.5/10

Lady of The Lake - A solid track, mid paced filled with amazing vocals from Ronnie. The base on this song is top notch. 8.5/10

L.A. Connection - Instrumentally a nice track, overall the lyrics are decent. Not my favourite Dio track, but not bad. 7.5/10

The Gates of Babylon - Unreal mystical and powerful the Gates of Babylon is a masterpiece to be held up with Stargazer for accomplishments by Rainbow - 10/10

Kill The King - Side two kicks off with the amazing Kill the King, Dio harmonies are wonderful here and the band is tight as usual. 9.5/10

The Shed (Subtle) - An interesting intro section leads into a fun track. Better than L.A Connection but nothing outright amazing. - 8/10

Sensative to Light - A fun track that would likely have been a nice part on Rainbow/Dio's medley's in live shows. Fast paced and semi catchy 7.5/10

Rainbow Eyes - A calming guitar opens the way for the album closer, calm soft vocals from Dio tell the tale of a woman who left. Beautiful song 9.5/10

Overall 88%
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Seeing @Diesel 11's progress makes me sad. He heard like, 40 new albums already, and I listened to my 8th and 9th just yesterday lol.

Edit: actually, 9th and 10th.
Yeah, I'm also almost on schedule too. If I'd listened to another album today I'd have reached 40, which is the exact amount given the number of days passed.
It's interesting, despite how big Marilyn Manson has been in the metal community - often considered mainstream and bland or whatever - I've never really listened to much of his work. So I thought it'd be interesting to take an album of his and give it a listen. Note: Reload is album #40, but it hasn't been reviewed yet.

In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death


Album 41/365

A: In The Shadow (88%)
1. GodEatGod - Eerie mechanical sort of opening. Manson sounds pretty good here. I like how sinister this song is. Pretty good! 8/10
2. The Love Song - Good bass stuff here. That pre-chorus here is pretty epic. Unlike a lot of the "screamy" artists out there, he seems to use it fairly well to create a pretty creepy vibe. Pretty good song if imperfect. 8/10
3. The Fight Song - Pretty great opening. Manson sounds kinda like Jack White here. Huh. This song is infectiously catchy despite its really abrasive nature. I quite like this one! 9/10
4. Disposable Teens - I love this opening, really cool. Alright this song is awesome. Lot of bite to it, catchy as fuck, and some great guitar stuff too. Maybe it's because I've heard this song before, but... 10/10
D: The Androgyne (86%)
5. Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis) - After the punch of the previous song, the clean opening to this song is a pretty interesting calm-down. But it also builds up to a heavier piece in the chorus area which is cool. Man, this song is good. 10/10
6. "President Dead" - Yep, this was another cool song. Great vibe. 9/10
7. In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death - More acoustic, but there's a lot of watery shit in the background that makes it feel like something out of a horror film. I like that sort of vibe. I don't think the song is as good when it goes into the piano-backed section, but it's still fairly strong. 8/10
8. Cruci-Fiction In Space - Cool trudging riff riff here. Feels like a bomb ticking down until it explodes into the chorus. I like that rising piece in the middle of the song. Cool slow ending. Not as good as some of the songs have been so far but I like it overall. 8/10
9. A Place In The Dirt - I like this opening. Kind of a Pink Floyd-gone-industrial vibe. Pretty cool song. Again, not as good as some of the songs on here so far but I like it. Could've been a good album closer if they'd chosen to end things here. 8/10
A: Of Red Earth (88%)
10. The Nobodies - I like this first verse and the chorus is pretty great too. Yeah, this was pretty close to awesome. 9/10
11. The Death Song - Pretty insane song, but it's pretty great. 9/10
12. Lamb Of God - Pretty cool quieter pessimistic sort of song. 8/10
13. Born Again - Ooh, I'm really liking this song. Kind of a bop. Yeah okay this song is awesome. 10/10
14. Burning Flag - Cool opening beat thing. "If God was alive, he'd hate you anyway." Whew. 8/10
M: The Fallen (82%)
15. Coma Black - Longest song on the album doesn't even break the six minute mark. Take that, Metallica. Anyway, it's another pretty cool song. 8/10
16. Valentine's Day - I like this drum opening. Never heard a more deranged song called "Valentine's Day" in all my life. 8/10
17. The Fall Of Adam - Ooh, acoustics are back. Pretty interesting build-up there. Kinda cool fly sounds at the end. 8/10
18. King Kill 33º - I like this vibe here. Pretty cool stuff but not really much of a song. 8/10
19. Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum Of Infinite Space Encompassing) - Pretty great ending to the album. Very sinister, all culminating in gunfire. 9/10

Well, that was pretty great! I didn't go into this with expectations high but I got some decent stuff out of it. Pretty great vibe, pretty epic in scope, and Manson is a pretty artist than some people seem to give him credit for. At least here, dunno about the rest of his work. It isn't really metal, it's steeped more in industrial music, but it's a pretty great album.

Rating: 86%
I don't really like Marilyn Manson that much. 'Deep Six' is an amazing song though.

Sheer Heart Attack - Queen
Format: Vinyl

Brighton Rock - A killer guitar riff track launchs into some very high vocals from the band with an amazing guitar solo, this is queen at their finest 10/10

Killer Queen - The classic Killer Queen is a nice mid paced track with some lovely harmonies and just a fun song. 8/10

Tenement Funster - The vocals opening this track remind me of Behind Blue Eyes; Roger does a good job on this song, although it isn't particularily memorable it still is a solid track - 7.5/10

Flick of the Wrist - Transitioning seamlessly from the previous song Freddie takes over the vocals again, more upbeat and as part of a medley it works really well. 7.5/10

Lily of the Valley - The final part of the medley is the piano ballad Lily of the Valley, a ballad about his girlfriend. A heart felt song, short and sweet definitely a work of art. 8/10

Medley as a whole - 8/10

Now I'm Here - Harmonies, nice instrumental work with a clear disregard for cookie cutter music Now I'm here closes side 1 in style - 9/10

In The Laps of The Gods - An odd song, that is 100% Queen but just doesn't work for me - 6.5/10

Stone Cold Crazy - A fast paced rocker which has influenced several metal bands for the speed and ferocity. 8.5/10

Dear Friends - A very short song showcasing Freddie on vocals and piano. It works 7.5/10

Misfire - Another short song, with some fun guitar work nothing groundbreaking but a fun song - 7.5/10

Bring back Leroy Brown - The final distinctly short song on the album showcasing more of Queen's harmony filled vocals - 7.5/10

She Makes me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos) - Brian takes lead on this track, harmony central with a slower marching band style to it. 7.5/10

In the Laps of Gods... Revisited - A much better version of the song.Another slower piano driven song, definetely has room to become much heavier in a live setting, a nice way to close the album - 8/10

Overall 79%


A Night At The Opera - Queen
Format: Vinyl

Death on Two Legs Dedicated to... - A menacing intro leads into a piano followed by some vicious vocals from Freddie clearly going off on someone, although much less aggressive than Heart's Barracuda. An interesting start to the album - 8/10

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon - The Opera theme comes into play here more. A fun song which clearly fits into a play theme - 8/10

I'm In Love With My Car - I really enjoy this song, it is fun and silly and I can bug my friends who are really into cars about the song being about them. 9.5/10

You're My Best Friend - A fun track, sentimental lyrics about friends. Has all the Queen elements that made them so great. - 8/10

39 - Brian takes over the vocals, and this song is amazing, nice beat, harmonies. - 9.5/10

Sweet Lady - Nice guitar tone, solid vocals but it isn't grabbing me not a bad song but nothing like the rest of side 1, the outro solo however is a great piece of work. - 7/10

Seaside Rendezvous - Another song straight out of an actual Opera. Fun way to end the 1st half - 7.5/10

The Prophet's Song - A slow piano opens up the second side before kicking off into a march. Progressive, Harmony filled, chanting, very operatic. Going from lighter sections and into heavy rock for the solo portion. - 8/10

Love of My Life - Transitioning from the previous song, the beautiful and delicate Love of My Life shows Freddie at his most tender in a short sweet and majestic ballad. - 10/10

Good Company - Another mid paced track sang by Brian, has some interesting changes in it, although it just doesn't contend with the previous two tracks or the monstrous Masterpiece that follows. - 7/10

Bohemian Rhapsody - Do I really need to explain this? A masterpiece of music - 10/10

God Save The Queen - Ending the Opera with an instrumental for bows and goodbyes, great instrumental although if the album wasn't an opera it wouldn't really be needed. - 8/10

Overall 84%


Living The Dream - Slash Ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
Format: CD/Digital

Call of the Wild - A interesting opening riff leads into a rocking track. Honestly this song is the perfect balance of radio friendly pop and rock. Absolutely love it - 10/10

Serve You Right - A heavier riff opens up the second track, mid tempo beginning, Myles sings lower in this song and it fits despite his naturally high voice, a nice solo, it reminds me of China White by the Scorpions, although less heavy overall. I like it. - 7.5/10

My Antidote - Another heavier intro leads into the 3rd single from the album, very UYI era reminiscent. Kicking off into a riff storm from Slash before Myles begins singing in his lower voice again, definitely has a nice groove to it - 8/10

Mind Your Manners - Fast paced, high vocals, another radio friendly song, very much in the vein of shadow of your love, but it works super well. - 9/10

Lost Inside The Girl - A ballad of sorts, nice guitar work by Frank and Slash, Myles once again uses a lower voice aside from the chorus. It is a nice ballad, not too slow but not too fast that it doesn't fit either. Excellent solo by Slash - 10/10

Read Between the Lines - A foot stompin opening signals an increase in the tempo, a fun track follows up with some nice call back vocals from the band in the chorus. Another amazing solo by Slash also elevates this song. - 8.5/10

Slow Grind - For a song called slow grind this song's pace isn't that slow, started off weaker, but the rest of the song picks up and I quite enjoyed it. - 7.5/10

The One You Loved is Gone - Another ballad appears which once again is strong, I think this one grabs me more than Lost Inside the Girl but both songs are great. - 10/10

Driving Rain - Love this song. The reference to Standing in the Sun is perfect and the track as a whole is just wonderful. - 10/10

Sugar Cane - I really like this opening riff. Just a fun track, not a mind blowing track but good. - 8/10

The Great Pretender - Another slower song?! Slash really has changed his taste since the UYI records. Beautiful guitar work on this one. Not quite on par with the others but really strong overall. - 10/10

Boulevard of Broken Hearts - The album closer honestly could of opened up the album, the production of the album is getting a little wearing on some of the heavier tracks this one included however I'm not accounting that into the rating. A great way to close out the album - 9/10

Overall 90%


Resurrection - Michael Schenker Fest
Format: CD/Digital

Heart and Soul [Robin McAuley] - A ripping opener leads off with Robin McAuley leading the charge, the electronic drum sound is a little annoying however the song does have a very fast beat as a result. - 7.5/10

Warrior [All] - An old timey intro leads into a strong track about comradely and fighting for what you believe in. All 4 vocalists have their time to shine and they all do quite well. The chant style chorus is a nice way to use all 4 vocals. - 9/10

Take Me To The Church [Doogie White] - I stumbled upon this song by accident a few weeks ago and it is one of my favourite songs by Schenker absolutely great modern sounding rock - 10/10

Night Moods [Gary Barden] - Gary takes over the vocals, with a much less clean style approach than Robin and Doogie, nice instrumental behind his vocals but this song overall just doesn't work for me, the vocals seem like they don't properly belong - 6/10

The Girl With Stars In Here Eyes [Doogie White] - Another great opening kicks off this track, Doogie's vocals soar during the verses, his chorus is a little weaker but overall a nice track. - 7.5/10

Everest [Graham Bonnet] - The drum machine sound has returned, it is not welcomed back. Graham's vocals aren't much better than Gary's on his last track. Shame because the instrumental sounds pretty solid. Schenker should also be higher in the mix - 6.5/10

Messin Around [Gary Barden] - This song Gary sounds much better on, this reminds me of an Alice Cooper track at the start. So much better of a song vocally from the Night Moods, and the band is tight on here as well - 7.5/10

Time Knows When Its Time [Robin McAuley] - Robin's 2nd track kicks back into a fast paced track. The chorus lightens the mood quite a bit. Robin has strong vocals here. And Michael delivers another nice instrumental section - 8/10

Anchors Away [Doogie White] - An ominous organ sound begins Doogie's track. A solid rocker, with a melodic solo by Schenker. - 8/10

Salvation - A solid instrumental track with slightly more realistic drums. Overall not bad but not unreal - 7.5/10

Livin' A Life Worth Livin [Gary Barden] - A solid track but it doesn't really stand out overall. - 7/10

The Last Supper [All] - The religious connotations come back for the final song, better than the last few tracks but not on par with the highlights from early on - 8.5/10

Overall 78%


4 - Foreigner
Format: Vinyl

Night Life - A fast paced opener kicks off the 4th album from Foreigner. I really like it, synth and guitar pair so well on foreigner songs. 8.5/10

Juke Box Hero - The story of any fan who eventually becomes a musician, amazing song, fun, anthemic and radio friendly. 10/10

Break It Up - Piano intro has a very dramatic effect, it actually reminds me of a slower moodier Queen track. The chorus is upbeat and overall the song is quite nice and pleasant sounding and relatively fun song - 8/10

Waiting For A Girl Like You - One of foreigner's classic ballads, amazing song, sentimental with harmonies and just wonderful instrumentation - 10/10

Luanne - Not the typical I want you song, but a nice one, a pleasant way to send of the first side of the album. - 8/10

Urgent - Great track, sax solo is wonderful and the overall song is just golden - 10/10

I'm Gonna Win - Another fun song, slower start in terms of grabbing your attention but once it does the song is a joy. - 8/10

Woman In Black - Amazing chorus, overall this is my standout of the songs I didn't already know from the album going in - 10/10

Girl On The Moon - Another ballad appears, very subdued, a nice track but it doesn't really compare to its fellow ballad on the album - 7/10

Don't Let Go - The album closes with a more upbeat track, don't let go reminds me of earlier foreigner as it is far less punchy/rock like overall a nice way to end the album - 7.5/10

Overall 87%
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The Loads. One of them is pretty good, the other.... eh.


Album 36/365

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Album 40/365

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