365 Albums In One Year


Aerosmith - Aerosmith
Format: Vinyl

Make it - A bluesier rock tune kicks off the debut from the Bad Boys of Boston, Steven's voice sounds very different from the later years but iirc he has stated he sang differently on this record. Guitar work from Joe is solid as well - 8/10

Somebody - Slower riff opens the second track but Steven's vocals more than make up for it. Very bluesy, I didn't realize just how blues sounding the early Aerosmith albums were at times. Nonetheless solid song. - 7.5/10

Dream On - The Iconic power ballad that I'm sure Steven is tired of having to scream out that ending every concert they play. Regardless Dream on is an amazing piece of music and shows the combined talent of Aerosmith at the time of their debut. Amazing song, only really surpassed by a live version of it. Anthemic and Uplifting - 10/10

One Way Street - The blues returns on the closer of side 1. A mid-paced track that shows the bands versatility. Not my favorite track but a solid one. - 7.5/10

Mama Kin - Side 2 kicks off with an amazing rocker, Mama Kin is another essential Aerosmith song, ripping vocals by steven and amazing guitar work. A clear indicator of whats to come. - 10/10

Write Me - Midpaced, bluesy a fun song, but it just doesn't grab me. - 7/10

Movin' Out - An interesting introduces this eclectic track, very acoustic feeling before going into a rocker style track. I had my doubts at first but this track really works 8.5/10

Walkin' The Dog - Full of groove, nice vocals and guitar work, another really strong track overall. 8.5/10

Overall 84%
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Empire + other songs here and there. I tried listening to OE2 and stopped after two tracks. Wouldn't mind revisiting Queensryche in future.
I would add The Warning & Rage For Order. You would probably like Promised Land too.
I would add The Warning & Rage For Order. You would probably like Promised Land too.
Yeah, I've heard good things about them. The one non-OE/E song I listen to the most is "Walk in the Shadows", which is awesome.

Ride The Lightning - Metallica
Format: Vinyl

Fight Fire With Fire - I really like the acoustic intro a wonderful little piece of music which I'm sure stumped fans on their initial listen. Once the peaceful intro is done this song kicks into high gear with full on speed and thrashing. I'm not a fan of the vocal delivery on this track but the musicianship is top notch. - 7/10

Ride The Lightning - Seamlessly transitioning from the previous song the title track has much better vocals from James, although still not on par with his vocals he does in the next two songs. The midsection where the main riff vanishes for a little bit is a nice touch before the solo and it helps stop the song from being overly repetitive. Overall I can say my initial thoughts from previous previews of the song are quite wrong a strong song although it doesn't quite reach the brilliance of the next two songs. 8/10

For Whom The Bell Tolls - A perfect song, brutal riffs, not too many vocals throughout but those that are in it outright are amazing. A masterpiece - 10/10

Fade To Black - Coming off for whom the bell tolls into Fade to black is a brilliant transition and honestly this is the only Metallica song that can properly follow it up aside from maybe One. Fade to Black ends side 1 with an amazing acoustic intro into heartfelt lyrics of sorrow ending with a killer solo. Honestly the song feels short. - 10/10

Trapped Under Ice - Beautiful and fast guitar work. Strong song I honestly think this song suits Fight Fire With Fire's acoustic intro more, although no use speculating on what could of been. - 8/10

Escape - Not your typical Metallica song, but I like it overall. I like the sirens in it it adds a nice touch - 7.5/10

Creeping Death - Heavy drums introduce the penultimate track, a heavy riff soon follows definitely a reason this song is such a popular track, great vocals from James and amazing instrumentation - 9/10

The Call of Ktulu - A calming and almost soothing introduction opens up the final instrumental track. The track quickly kicks off into a more rock focused tune. I personally am not a huge fan of instrumentals, a lot of them I feel need to be part of a larger song and used as an instrumental outro. However I don't quite feel that is the case with Call of Ktulu, although I do miss vocals of some sort. Overall I can appreciate the artistry shown but it just doesn't mesh with what I like from rock music. - 7.5/10

Overall 84%
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This is metal though.
I was referring specifically to the song being an instrumental



Destroyer - Kiss
Format: CD/Digital

Detroit Rock City - The classic Detroit rock city kicks off the album, I'm used to the single version so hearing the extended intro and outro is a nice change. I quite enjoy this version even more than the single version. Classic tune and classic Kiss. - 10/10

King of The Night Time World - Kicking off from the crashing outro of the previous song the second track has a nice groove for the opening riff before being covered up by the vocals, overall this song is solid but not really amazing. That opening riff however is wonderful - 7.5/10

God Of Thunder - A Heavier groove kicks off Gene's first vocal track of the album, overall another solid track, Gene's vocals on this one don't really live up to Paul's on the previous two but they aren't the worst vocals from a non-lead singer taking lead that I've heard. Lyrics have a nice menacing theme to them and it works really well live.- 7.5/10

Great Expectations - This song falls flat as well for me. It started off well, but Gene's vocals on this one really aren't good. Song itself could of been really good but it just isn't - 6/10

Flaming Youth - A fast return to form following the previous track, Paul is back on the vocals, and the track benefits from this. Instrumentation is solid. Overall this song is another solid track. - 8/10

Sweet Pain - The best vocal performance from Gene, it really suits the song. Instrumentation is really strong on this one, screaming guitars behind the chorus and a nice beat going throughout the track - 8/10

Shout It Out Loud - Another classic Kiss song, great for crowd energy and overall a super fun song. Arena sized chorus and outright amazing in its simplicity yet effectiveness. - 10/10

Beth - The piano ballad lets drummer Peter Criss take the vocals and he does a solid job, a heartfelt sentimental ballad which hits its mark really well. 10/10

Do You Love Me - The final song listed on the original album, a mid paced rocker with some mid ranged vocals from Paul. Overall the song is solid but lacks creativity, which unlike on Shout it Out Loud it doesn't really hold true. - 7.5/10

Rock and Roll Party - A hidden instrumental track which ultimately serves no purpose for the album and I will not be counting it towards the ratings.

Overall 83% -> 77%
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Rubber Soul - The Beatles
Format: Vinyl

Drive My Car – I’m going to be upfront, I don’t like the Beatles. They have some great songs but they aren’t anywhere near what I’d call an amazing band. A nice enjoyable riff opens up this song, with some classic Beatles harmonies and a nice piano sound behind them. Enjoyable but definitely on the pop side – 7/10

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) – The intro to this song shows more promise and the vocals remind me a little of Tangerine by Zeppelin. I like the full acoustic feel to it. Vocals are really good on this one. – 9/10

You Won’t See Me – A harder opening kicks off this track before mellowing out again, harmonies in the background better than song #1 but doesn’t come close to the 2nd track. – 7.5/10

Nowhere man – I like this song, it is the only one on the album I have heard prior to this listen, overall a nice solid song that clicks for me. – 9/10

Think For Yourself – Another heavier intro into harmonies and into a lighter song, the message behind the song is a decent one. The overall simplicity of these songs while still sounding different from each other is quite impressive. – 8/10

The Word – Another harmony filled track. Not much substance but it isn’t hard on the ears – 6/10

Michelle – Another nice heartfelt ballad. I get where GNR got My Michelle from or at least it is a nice coincidence. Not as good as Norwegian Wood but overall a decent song. – 8/10

What Goes On – Upbeat, the instrumentation reminds me of the music in the background of black and white Disney shows. Music sounds so upbeat but the lyrics contrast this. – 7/10

Girl – Another ballad of sorts. I’m not hooked by this one. - 6.5/10

I’m looking Through You - Midpaced, harmonies and has a nice beat to it. Not a great song but better than the last - 7/10

In My life - The piano comes back for this song. A much better ballad than Girl but not on the same level as Michelle. Sentimental short and sweet - 7.5/10

Wait - Faster than the last few songs, harmony filled as per usual. Heavy emphasis on the tamberine, which is a nice touch to the song. - 7.5/10

If I needed Someone - George Harrison takes on the vocals for this track, I quite enjoy his vocals over the other 3 Beatles. Comments from most of the previous songs applies to this track. Overall a decent song. - 8/10

Run for your life - The album closes out with an upbeat and faster paced song, I actually like this one a fair bit, the different parts click fairly well. - 8.5/10

Overall Score 76%
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hold up, wut

Overall I have a hard time getting into a lot of earlier rock bands due to the production and the lightness of the music. Bands which suffer from this largely are Beatles, The Who and Simon and Garfunkel. Some of their songs I can really appreciate but a lot I just can't get into.