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    Also I pay no mind to Bruce's voice cracking or anything like that. The live performance of the band overcomes and speaks for itself. However I still can't get over Gers terrible solo in Hallowed. Give that back to Adrian where belongs.
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    This was a huge thing and something I talked about with almost everybody at the show. The lack of a quality decent name metal opener. They have done this so many times. Starting in 87 having Ace Frehley not show in Daytona (go figure) and getting a local band instead.
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    It's a pretty tangible difference having 15k in a tight shed like that vs 12k in a modern arena. I was moved.
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    15,000 in Atlanta last night. American market came out strong. Show could be my all time favorite it's so good.
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)

    Kinda bummed about ticket prices this year. Maiden used to at least go a little easier than most. Tickets for the floor in Tampa were $20 per ticket higher than Ft Lauderdale last year. From $95 all in to $118.
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    So does anyone know how the paperless entry works?

    BB&T problems were compounded by torrential sideways rain that started right at 8pm with thousands still outside waiting in line to get in. When my sons and I crested the stairs from the street to the arena entrance level we heard the thousands of people chanting BullShit! Bullshit! We took...
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    I got serious goosebumps during that intro with Bruce hovering over that boiling cauldron singing the intro- it was a magical moment to start that show. I was happy with the setlist, I think Tears of a Clown was the one clunker- I just dont like that song and adds an extra ballad type song...
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    Orchestral interpretations

    Excellent, nice listening
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    Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

    Tears of a Clown The Man of Sorrows
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    Official Beer Thread

    Cigar City Jai Alai IPA Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
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    Any televised show(s) from the first leg of TFF tour?

    The lighting and banners from that tour were awesome. We drove up from FLA to catch the show in DC. My signature photo is a cell phone shot of those lights from that tour in DC. I thought it was so cool the way the rigs look like lit up stealth bombers or space ships coming in for a landing.
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    Maiden England '88 + History Part 3 coming March 25th!

    I was at the Ocean Center Daytona Beach show yes. Maiden had played the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland the previous 3 World Tours. I had seen World Slavery and Somewhere on Tour in Lakeland. Since 1988 I had not seen them live until Somewhere Back In Time in Ft Lauderdale where I took my 2...
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    Maiden England '88 + History Part 3 coming March 25th!

    Absolutely stunned at how good this video made me feel last night watching it. Just fucking fantastic to relive that night in 1988 at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach FL. What a setlist at the NEC, Still Life, and Killers what a rare treat with Bruce on the mike. Always prayed for that song at...
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    Post your Iron maiden concerts

    Powerslave Lakeland FL (I was a 16 years old at this show) Somewhere in Time Lakeland FL Seventh Son Daytona Beach FL No Prayer for the Dying Orlando FL CANCELLED then nothing Until Maiden finally returned to FL Somewhere Back In Time Ft Lauderdale FL (40 yrs old and took my wife and 2 sons to...
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    Maiden's Atlanta Crowd

    Bruce announced the crowd at 14,000 for Atlanta, it was impressive, looked packed. Very animated crowd, hot as hell in there, drove up from St Pete and it was well worth it.