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    Bob Angelo: The Early Days With Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis

    Is sanctuary listed as written by Harris in the booklet of the album?
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    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    That's Herve Monjeaud's artwork, I think he may have also had done my profile picture too, similar style eddies.
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    Running Free vs Sanctuary

    Both are equally as good for me but......hard pick but Running free.
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    Martin Birch - the master

    I agree I always felt that No prayer is the ugly brother to SSOASS, songs like 'Mother Russia', parts of 'Tailgunner' and 'Run silent Run deep' and a certain feel in 'Hooks in you' all feel like maybe some leftover parts from SS or just that feel of creativity they were at during 86-88-90...
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    Which 'Children of the': Grave, Sea or Damned?

    I'm sorry but I'm on a Maiden site so 'Children of the Damned' F*** those other songs UP THE IRONS!!
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour Second Leg Rumours & Discussions

    Part of me screams NO!!! Please come to my city but another part of me screams YES!!! Now go and record and new album and put it out as fast as y'all can. I'm honestly torn, this tour looks cool (besides the beast eddie YUCK) and I would love them to come to my city as I have seen them every...
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    Top 3 Songs On ‘The X Factor’ Other Than “Man On The Edge”

    For me its 1.Sign of the Cross (MOTE would of been here) 2.Lord of the flies 3.The Aftermath Do not really care for this stinker album, had potential and some good moments but other than than it's one of my least favorite.
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    What are the least memorable Maiden songs?

    You know how I get myself to appreciate and like an Iron Maiden album? especially the post-reunion albums? I tell myself " Maiden worked really hard on this and they realy put time and effort into this, an album is like a chapter in their legacy so you will like it for what it is" and if it's a...
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    Your top 3 tracks off Fear of the Dark besides the title track?

    Fear of the Dark is yeah my favorite on the album but after that it is 1.Judas be my Guide 2.Be quick or be dead 3.Afraid to shoot strangers. also Wasting love is cool too (that was my dad's favorite Maiden song so it holds a place in my heart) and maybe Childhood's end, everything else on...
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    same and I'm an American
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    goodnight from Iron Maiden..

    good night from Little Brucie and the boys!!
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    I just hope Maiden makes another album soon, I hate these long waits for an album. Sometimes I wish Maiden never did summer tours/History tours.
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    Iron Maiden vs. Killers?

    The production sounds cool to me, gives it a real vintage raw sound.
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    Iron Maiden vs. Killers?

    No way..